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An appeal for clemency (Open freq.)

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*Stone made his excuses and wandered away from his friends and toward the treeline. Glancing back once more to ensure no one could see he glanced upward nervously and finally squeezed PTT, speaking with an obvious middle English accent*

"To the bald man in the green bandanna, you'll know if it's you. I speak unofficially on behalf of the group you encountered early this morning."

*Stone's bottom lip shook with nerves, he applied a forced frown and tensed his throat to continue without showing too much fear in his voice, forcing a harsh breath out he continued;*

"I appeal to you for clemency; I know how bad this looks, a group of foreign people in your country perhaps not being as diplomatic to you as we possibly could have been; we had just returned to our camp to find our car smoking, overheated and damaged, and our companion sitting dead inside, possibly through suicide by asphyxiation, we don't quite know, but my friends and I were panicked and quite jumpy that there may have been foul play from an outside source when you showed up. My friend threatened to attack you and this was clearly not appropriate even under the extenuating circumstances"

"I would like to know if there is any way to possibly fill this rift so that we could both put this regrettable scenario behind us. We have no wish for trouble between our people and yours."


*Stone released PTT and left his radio on low volume. He took a few breaths to calm himself, wiped a nervous tear from the corner of his eye and returned to his camp*

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