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Old School DayZ

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I'd kill for that thermal optic with the current fog tbh

I was a right bastard when I played mod though.


For reference, I'm the one in the second helicopter.


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Yea, that was some spare gear I had ventured out from where I was based at back then. I used to ride the edge of the map in the woods to the far north above Berezino and the NEAF. I lived out there. I had a couple tents stashed in pine trees that were full of canteens with water and cooked meat from boars and cows I had killed. When my water would run low I would take all my empty canteens in my inventory and backpack and head down to Blunt Rocks to refill. When I would run low on food I would pull out my crossbow and go hunt. I rarely ever stepped foot in a town or any populated area. The reason I had ventured down far enough to the south to screenshot the Quarry was I had been invited to go with some friends to do some pvp/looting with them in their UH1H. Within an hour after that screenshot the pilot got dced and his character stayed in the pilot seat as the heli went down into the ocean out near Skalisty Island. The crash took most of my blood and left me bleeding out. Not being about to stand on solid ground I was not able to bandage to stop the bleeding. So I swam for Skalisty Island but ended up bleeding out before I got anywhere close. I wasn't upset over the gear. I had a replacement ghillie and I could find another L85. I was more upset at the loss of the 88 continuous days.

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