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Helicopter Crash - The Freemen (Open Freq.)

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Jeremiah Carter sits down at the desk in the small cabin, listening to the rain beat against the metal roof. He waves Zack over to sit by him with the table, he places his long range radio broadcaster onto the table. Carter nods at him and Zack fiddle with it and it comes to life with static. Carter takes the microphone and holds down the button.

"This is Jeremiah Carter with the Freemen. Broadcasting about the helicopter that crashed east of Novaya Petrovka. We discovered no survivors in the crash... The Helicopter crashed and buried itself and the pilots in the ground. We dispersed the zombie hoard that was attracted by the explosion. I'm just broadcasting this in case anyone was curious as to what the loud noise was up north. I'm also taking this chance to let more civilians and survivors know about myself and the Freemen.

Our intentions are to help all of those in need and seek out to confront people who would prey on the less fortunate. We are your friends.

Jeremiah Carter, leader of the Freemen. Signing off."

Carter lets go of the mic and gives it back to Zack. He stands up from the table and walks over to the window to look out at Samuel and Bryan talking about plans and looking at the beginning of what will be their new home soon enough.

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*the radio came to life as a female's voice responded to the radio chatter.*

"This is Sam Caulfield of Green Mountain Radio. I would be interested in talking to you on a private channel about some things that might be mutually beneficial to our groups. Do you mind if i reach out?"

*she released the PTT, waiting on a response.*

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*Jermiah carter sits at the desk and hears the woman’s voice come through on his radio and no picks up to respond* 

“I don’t mind. I’ve met members of Green Mountain before. Let’s talk”

*He sets his radio down on the desk and pulls a cigarette out of a packet and lights it inhaling deeply*

//pm me if you’d like

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