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Lev Reznikov Government File (Backstory Re-written)

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Subject Name : Lev Reznikov

Citizenship? : Yes

Occupation : Unemployed

Nationality : Ukraine

Height : 6'1

Weight : 210

Age 31

Hair : Black

Eyes : Brown

Birth Marks / Scars : Left eye-lid scar Lip scars. 

Convicted Crimes: 14 counts of Murder. 

Sentence: Life


Attached to the file is a tape recorder with a stick note reading "Lev Reznikov verbal interrogation/confession"


The audio seems clear, but a bit loud due to the size of the room the session took place in.


MAN: Mr. Reznikov, my name is Detective *bleep* I will be your questionnaire for today...

MAN: Okay. Before we start Mr. Reznikov is there anything you would like to say or confess to us this morning?

LEV: No.

MAN: Very well then. Mr. Reznikov.

A moment passes, shuffling of papers can be heard, followed by brief silence.

MAN: Mr. Reznikov. We have many sources refering you to a Ukrainian Cartel known as *bleep* can you explain what you did with this group?

LEV: Think of the Cartel as a sewing shop, Mr. *bleep* the threads of business need to be long, and straight. Sometimes there are knots in the thread, it just happens. They paid me to cut the knots out of the thread. It wasn't honest work, no...but I was good at it, so I'm told.

MAN: The murder of 14 people...doesn't weigh on your conscious at all Mr. Reznikov?

LEV: Well...even though legally speaking it is murder...I would consider myself a vigilante of sorts...These were bad people I always was told to cut out. Morality is so easily construed in today's society...we all were just in it for the money, there was no emotions attached.

MAN: What made you decide to persue this profession Mr. Reznikov?

LEV: Well...I took Jiu Jitsu when I was young, it led me to find I was good at manipulating human structures. After working a normal job in my early adult years I found that making money would be so much easier in a world without laws constricting you. Early days or working as a drug mule landed me a more slow-paced job as what would be considered a bounty hunter, or hit man. I liked it a lot more, I didn't have to work as much, but when I did it was exhilarating, challenging. I had to think, and it was ultimately fun and interesting for me. I found value in the free time I was given between contracts, which is all I ever wanted you see.

MAN: You say you found your 'job' fun...You understand that could be grounds for you getting diagnosed as a psychopath, correct?

LEV: I mean. I'm getting a life sentence anyway, so...what does it matter how you label me? Its not like I enjoyed killing people and did it for fun. The job was simply fun because each time was different...not because I liked playing in the blood, or something.

MAN: Do you deny the murders of the 14 men and women over the past 6 years?

LEV: Well. I'm sure this is a trick question, because I know you've got to have some sort of evidence against me here. But...No. No I do not.

MAN: That is all...





Document of Experimentation File 144-A

To whom it may concern, Patient 144-A, Lev Reznikov was tested positive for having a strong potential for having an antibody that may help with the vaccine for the outbreaks going on globally. I will send this documentation to the United Nations, US Department of Defence, and US Department of Medicine. If any country has the technology to help advance the Vaccine's productivity we will happily send Subject 144-A to your country for further experimentation. 144-A Is currently being held at Chernarus Penetentery on the Southern Coastal island.






                        Lev was born in Kiev, Ukraine. His mother died of childbirth, and his father was a washed up deadbeat drunk living in one of many apartment complex's on the block. Growing up, Lev and his father got along well, working as a team to just scrape by. This allowed Lev to mature very early. Growing up almost on the streets he needed to defend himself, he was introduced to Jiu Jiutsu by his early childhood friend, interested in the proficiency the style had, Lev asked his friend to teach him.

                         In his teen years, Lev had to make money for his father and himself, and got mixed up in the local drug trafficking. Lev was a confident, and respected teenager among his young peers, people knew that he was capable of defending himself, and knew he was involved in the wrong crowd which allowed him to not get distracted by typical teenage drama in his schooling. This method of making money went well, until Lev's father got ill when Lev was six-teen years of age. Lev wanted to be able to afford any medical bills he knew would be coming his way. So he actively broadened his horizons in the criminal underworld, without his fathers knowledge.

                        By the time Lev was a young adult, his father had died from the illness, and Lev had already been doing drug trades between the borders of Ukraine and Russia. Without his father around, Lev was now able to take his business a step further and start going international, intending to traffic drugs all across Asia as he now worked with the Cartel.

                          In his history, many deals went south, and Lev always made it out alive. This feat alone in combat experience showed the upper chain of command in the Cartel that Lev may have what it takes to do something a bit more than just slinging cocaine. Lev now began getting jobs to execute key targets in Ukraine and Russia as a side job, and a test of his capabilities.

                        Again, never to disappoint, Lev completed his contracts without any inconveniences to the Cartel. Slowly but surely, Lev began his transition from a drug smuggling crook, to a well renowned hitman and contract killer in the underworld, taking notice and known not only by the Ukraine Cartel, but the Russian mafia, along with the Yakuza in Japan. All at the age of twenty-five.

                        Lev was given a contract to take out a drug-lord in Chernarus. Lev was driven to the southern border of Russia by a small crew, and then boarded a fishing boat hired to take Lev to the Chernarus isle. On the way to the island, border patrol stopped and arrested Lev with the initial possession of firearms on the fishing boat. After more people got involved, Lev's identity was exposed landing him in a nearby prison for the murder of 14 people in the past three years.

                     While in prison, the outbreak started. The island the prison was located on was safe from the outbreak for a long while. Tests and expiriments were conducted on the prisoners to hopefully find a cure. Lev's immune system, along with a few other prisoners, had a certain type of antibody that the UN theorized would help with the creation of a vaccine or cure with the right mutations added. However, before the government could take action, Lev was able to escape by killing a few guards and taking a few injuries on the way out.

               Since then, Lev has been living a quiet life in Chernarus. Finding refuge in a hunting cabin in the woods. He hunted for his food, and disinfected his own water using the fireplace inside. After a while, Lev noticed it was harder and harder to find animals to eat. Which he decided to leave his homestead behind in search for food. Thus begins Lev's story two years after the outbreak.





Aviator Glasses

Charcoal Suit w/ Dress Shoes

Light Kevlar Vest

Blue Rubber Gloves

CZ Bolt Action Rifle









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