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Novaya News Broadcast [One Way Broadcast Freq.]

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*Brad would make sure all the radio equipment was good to go and ready. Hoping Pogo hadn't broken or messed up any of the equipment. He would make sure his papers were in order, he sighed and flicked on the radio equipment. He waited hoping it worked, then the light turned on. He sighed in relief and smiled slightly and put on his headphones, he glanced over his notes on last time and spoke into the microphone.*

"Good Evening to anyone listening to this broadcast from Novaya, I am Brad Williams your new host of Novaya News Where i'll be reporting on well.. Novaya news! As well as anything else happening in the area."

*He paused slightly and checked his notes*

"Well.. anyway lets get into some news of whats been happening, Two days ago Novaya was in a state of panic following several attempts on City Officials lives. All the Officials are alive and well but the scars do remain... Following the shootings Two men by the names of 'Frank' and 'Alexander' were arrested on several charges after the incidents. During the trial Mr. Alexander was severely injured by Mayor Pogo With his sword after the man had threaten the lives of everyone in the room several times and screaming profanities at everyone as well. 'Frank' on the other hand was banished from the town after he was found guilty of all charges. During the trial a man assumed to be with one of the two men shot a Savior standing guard outside of the court house, he was promptly shot down by other Saviors in the area."

*Shuffling of paper could be heard as Brad checked another page of his notes*

"On another note check out the Law Services Of McKaine & Deacon Associates for any legal needs from the two of the most trusted Laywer's in Chernarus. Currently they are looking for any mercenaries to provide security services for them if anyone is interested you can contact Mr. McKaine on Radio Freq. 54.9. Anyway you guy's should come over to Novaya. Protected by the Saviors, here in Novaya Patrovka we are trying to rebuild for all the people of South Zagoria. Many traders travel here everyday as well as several buisnesses are starting to sprout out in the center of the city that provide many services. Here in Novaya Patrovka we also have our very own Local Police Force who are currently looking for more recruits to assist in patrolling the city."

*He flipped through his notes*

"Alright that's gonna be all the news for the day. All of you have a great day this will be the end of this broadcast. I will continue broadcasting whatever chance I can and inform you on any important news happening in the city. I'm Brad Williams see you around."

*The Broadcast would end.*

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