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Ghosting and heavy base trolling Question(s)

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How are we to deal with ghosting, someone ran into our base and logged out, then he logged in and logged out when someone asked who he was. 
We do not know who he is, so we can't really report him, can we kos him or not ? because if not, then you have a rule that can't be enforced ??
He is also breaking a rule on logging out while in a situation when he logged in and out when he was asked who he was. We get a lot of trolling  like this on a daily basis, A LOT, and I hate reporting people, but the trolling at the Saviors base is well past out of hand, the RP is childish and heavily trolling, but we don't want to always report it because then it would be a 100 reports a day..

Thnx for any advice in advance. 
Cheers, Q

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Next time he logs out, do a //stamp, then report him for combat logging. We can use the stamp to get a feel for who logged off at the time.

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