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New Zombie types :D

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Well, I'd like to suggest adding more models/types of zombies, to make it more various and interesting when you strike out on your own. In RP I hear a lot about radiation and such, so why not go in that direction and add some mutated infected, or even mutants, maybe similiar to ones from Metro series or Stalker. Personally for me it would be amazing to stumble upon various types of foes, using diffrent tactics to defeat them, finally getting that juicy loot would be risky 😄

ps: I know that in real life such mutants are not highly possible, but well, we play a game and it could make it a lot more fun. Mutants could have more hit points and dmg.

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It's not something we can currently do and not really a thing that is a priority to figure out either. Maybe in the future.

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