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So I was banned for an invalid kill. Right ok.

The admin who dealt with the ban said this "Now, down to why this kill was invalid. The OP was not part of the Saviors and he did not participate in the initial initiation. Were they part of the initiation or a part of The Saviors then that would be a different story and this kill may have been valid and justified. @JamieBoydid NOT have defense rights against the OP, only against the Saviors that had taken him hostage. "

"the op was not part of the saviours"  However he was in their discord, and rolling with them in a dynamic. Not sure how that works but he was connected to them.

"He did not participate in the initial initiation" While he did not actively tell me to put my hands up, he clearly was in position ready to shoot if anything went down. Which would deem him involved . Also he was in the same room as me while I was interrogated, communicating with the hostiles.

"@JamieBoy did NOT have defense rights against the OP" So somebody who is not in a group but running around in a dynamic with said group. Is void of any rights defender or KOS even though they are involved in an initiation and in comms with them?

Technically speaking using this loop hole, a group can use a few guys in a dynamic to set up around a hostage. The group initiates, and the dynamic guys can step in if the hostage decides not to comply using defender rights. But the hostage cannot kill the dynamic guys due to them not being part of the group. And therefore even though the dynamic guys are involved with the group, the hostage cannot kill them. But he cannot identify which are group or dynamic. If he kills a dynamic he can be reported and banned. I don't get the logic here.

To add on-top of this the Geezer who posted the report claimed he had nothing to do with the Saviors! What? Hello? Am I the only sane person here. Please watch the video IN FULL.  Also I'd just like some clarification on this loophole. If it is aloud and when can I start using it in game! After all I just want to follow the rules


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Hi JamieBoy

Please update your appeal with the template found here.
You have 24 hours to do this before this appeal is closed. 

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Hello @JamieBoy

It seems that the report was closed prematurely. 

/previous verdict redacted & report reopened

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