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Server time: 2019-05-25, 02:15
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S1 - RDM(?)/Ruleplay(?)/BadRP

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Server and location: S1 Novaya

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  03:15, 02/17/2019

Your in game name:  Mikhail Barta (Died)

Names of allies involved:

@Stannis - Karel Zechariah (Died)
@groovy tonyRP - Dusan Sousek

@Clarence - Jan Pavlik

@Veryniceperson - Josa Vacek

Name of suspect/s: Pamyati

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: 

We took 3 different hostages and took them a short distance from Novaya to deliver a message(via paper) to Moody, Hope, and Firedude.  After some minor questioning and a bit of talk inside of a house, we made it very clear that were were giving them letters to deliver and the 3 hostages agreed to it with no issue. And seemingly delivered the messages (at least one of them) to their targets.


After taking the 3 hostages, we were in Novaya looking around to make sure that said messages were delivered (we had a person watch them go to town for the most part but lost them due to this shit fog).  As we were snooping about, we bumped into 2 of the hostages near the clinic where we were setting up. @William89 was the hostage who got a front and center view of me getting gun downed mid conversation with the other hostage.


The issue here- I was giving the hostages a rifle and like 3 magazines for 'their troubles', and as I was in the menu I got gunned down by a stranger in green to my left whilst giving the hostages the gun. It's been found that this hostage (a latvian, no accent) was apart of Pamyati via OOC means after the incident, so we understand the whole 'group kill rights'. But our issue is just the fact we;

- Didn't hurt any of the hostages, especially the latvian in question. (Did punch one other hostage, unassociated)

-Gave back what we could, with simple instructions of what to do (send this piece of paper to _____)


Another issue, is the Pamyati hostage we had,  a Russian born and raised citizen using an American accent while we had him hostage. VNP(@Veryniceperson) began to question him about his accent. "Oh.. you're latvian? You don't sound like your from Latvia?", which is, ICly, understandable. But on an OOC level, I was just under the assumption either the hostage didn't know how to do an accent on an OOC level and that harassing them over an accent is just being a bad sport. But, in the end, it is what fucked us. We just feel it's bad play to use group kill rights,  using fake/hidden accents, no armbands, and then  proceeding to shoot us whilst we were giving the previous a hostage for doing what we asked as a 'thanks'.

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This is about me so I'll post my POV now. 

Alexei's POV: So as they stated they took hostages, one was pamyati @Rutkiy . He was told to give a message to the saviors and so he did, I was NOT involved in his RP situation with Kamenici. I was simply in novaya doing recon on saviors when this happened. All I knew at the time was our sworn enemy Kamenici, had taken one of our boys hostage, and were using him as a pawn to their plans, whatever they may be. now I again had no RP with kamenici, they were using my guy to get their IC stuff done, and Rutkiy RP'ed with the man who took him hostage, so I did what had to be done to get him out of the situation to avoid them ever using him again. It seems here they claim to give him a gun, but from how it's worded in the report it appears they gave him the gun AFTER he returned to them with me. You can try to call me for ruleplay and bad RP but I did what I had to do to get him out of there, and away from you guys as we are again, sworn enemies. I took the first shots so this is on me, I had no RP with Kamenici, and had defense rights due to your hostilities with Rutkiy. Had I RP'ed with you beforehand I would not have killed you and RP'ed as I myself see no need to get into a firefight when it's avoidable. But the situation in my eyes as he was taken hostage and was being used to further Kamenici's plans, which is a big problem with PAMYATI. I don't think any group would let their member be used as a pawn by their enemies and let them get away with it. We killed two of them and then booked it away. Again if there was RP for me to be had I would've but there simply was not.

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good enough for me

drop this report please

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The staff team has agreed to close this report and honour the wishes of the OP.

Closed by me and notes from @Zanaan & @Banshee

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