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Underage Blacklist Application

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):e8e6a5bd2b513e99e07e11594e59af25.png

Why the verdict is not fair: Lets start off with this, I don't think my ban was unfair. I think at the time and considering what had been done my Ban was perfectly fair. But with this appeal in mind I'm trying to (Appeal) to what I have done and message out that I have learned my lesson. I'll provide more information and a full story below.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  So basically when DayZ first came out I was into these RP videos by one of this sites sponsors, RadRoach Entertainment. At the time I was young and very new to PC as a well and of course ( Didn't meet the age requirement ) But I was admittedly willing to lie in order to get into the RP server so I could ultimately have a good time. I can't recall exactly what went wrong. I think I either applied with the wrong age and ended up being honest when an admin questioned me but that could be totally false. (( I believe that I ended up getting the white list wrong few too many times. )) Regardless, this failure and lock down on my account enabled me to make another email, which got me totally blacklisted. I re-call that at a later date I even made a separate account and also got caught, I bought DayZ with the new account and ended up getting caught on that account that went under the alias as ASavageVirus and then I stopped for a long time. I ended up emailing an admin about getting the bans removed but they obviously replied that I should of applied before making another offense. All of this punishment is understandable and I can see the clear violation but I have reason to allow me to join.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  I have at this point participated with other RP communities around the DayZ community, I will list these but not as advertising more or less a proof of my legitimacy in order to get accepted the community in which these communities were inspired from

(These following servers are)

One thing to remember throughout all of this is my record on all of these communities is spotless, and if an admin or any one want my proof of member ship I would be very happy to provide. I think that through out the servers I have learned to become and be seen as a well RP member and if any admins would like to try and speak to any one in the community such as admins I can get you the following links for these individuals as well. Finally I am now over the age of 16 and have proof to show this through if it MUST be seen (( I would rather not send personal documents to verify my age but If I have to I am more that willing to do so on a separate program such as teamspeak.

What could you have done better?: In general. If there is a true point to my shenanigans at the end of the day It's that I should of just waited. Why I didn't though is understandable too with the rush of videos being released on YouTube of DayZRP such as MrMoon, RadRoach and general DayZ videos with RP elements. But if I had waited I wouldn't be having to come here and attempt to regain my status as a community member if I was ever considered one.

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The admin team have reviewed this appeal and have come to the conclusion to accept this appeal. 

You did at the time fail your whitelist and then create a second account to circumvent the ban which is against our rules. However, the whitelist system is a lot different now and has changed since the time you applied before. You now have unlimited attempts at whitelisting now. As well as the changes, the rule on circumventing a ban is still in place and if you choose to do that again, you will be permanently banned. We do not want to see you creating anymore accounts. 

With that said, this appeal will be accepted. You may now whitelist again. 

Appeal Accepted | Blacklist removed. 

Signed by myself with notes

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