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S1: RDM No RP in Novaya 2/16 ~15:20

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In game name: Souxie Kostic

Sever and Location: S1 Novaya Petrovka

Time: 16/2/19 @ 15:24

Persons involved: Unknown

Description: I had just logged in for the day, decide to go look around Novaya and i start roaming around i hear several gunshots, after investigating i can hear a few unidentified groups so after listening in for a bit i decided to just keep myself out of it since i clearly wouldn't know the full story, so i didn't want to get involved, as i was leaving someone walks in front of me and as i turn the corner and prepare a conversation (my weapon wasn't even pointed at them even though i had a large window to do so) and they just blatantly opened fire with not even a single word, not even to ask if i was involved in whatever was going on just then.

Additional Evidence Video:

Fast forward to 5:15 for RDM

Previous minutes is to show evidence of non-involvement and no RP


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Since the OP has asked the report to be closed and we see no reason to keep it open, it shall be closed.



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