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"At the place..."

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The radio fizzles to life with the sound of infected idling in the background. "I'm at the place, by the well. Where are you?"

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*PTT goes off* Ali responds immediately. 


HI hello? 

We are searching for people for hours. We need supplies as we are pretty f*ckdd up. Sorry for my language. Can anyone help?! 



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Karmen eyes her radio nervously, glancing to the well on her right before pressing the button to respond. 

"Uh... Where are you? Roughly."

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"I'm not close, but... Maybe I can send aid. Hold."

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*opens PTT *

We are leaving green mountain. Lots of undead there.

We are now heading to vybor. Hope to find more people there. If we do not get lost in the fog that is. Hope for best. 

*PTT out*

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