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Nerf Zombies Please

nerf zombies  

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My only issue is that they can sprint forever, stamina of a god.

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They are sometimes really annoying, but every time I roam alone. It's super fun. Nervous n shit. Funzies

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7 hours ago, Ryan Shepherd said:

My only issue is that they can sprint forever, stamina of a god.

They do have stamina, if you watch them while they're chasing you you'll notice that they stop and start sprinting on intervals, but the problem is that they sprint faster than you, have more stamina than you (Even while completely freshspawn with double stamina), and even if you get far enough away for them to lose aggro sometimes they'll just re-aggro because you're still sprinting.


Everyone saying "Just sneak around them lol 4head, you're just mad cuz bad" is stupid. It doesn't matter if you successfully sneak around the zombies 9/10 times, because the time you do fail you're fucked. You aggro one zombie who then aggro's the rest, you can't fight more than maybe 2 zombies with melee reasonably without putting your life on the line, if you shoot you're going to aggro at least a few more zombies, but sometimes much more than that. At this point you only option is to hide in a house and hope that they lose aggro, and also walk ffar away enough from the building that you can get out without them hearing you. This is something i have video proof of

Yes, sneaking by them is the best way to deal with them right now. I've literally had people in RP say things to me like, "Wow that was impressive how you got around all those infected, I was sure that they'd see/hear you", but it doesn't have any real meaning as a compliment because there's no skill to it. It's 100% luck.

Also, for people arguing that only PVPrs want the zombies to be nerfed because it makes PVP more annoying, that also makes no sense. When you're in a firefight with 4+ geared people zombies aren't a problem. That many people who are kitted out can deal with zombies no problem. And no, shooting one guy who initiates on you with a bolt action isn't real PVP., PVP is when players are actually in combat with each other and all have an equal chance/right to kill their opponents..

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