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Open to all freq

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"Hello.....Hello is this thing on? "

* Kevin realise the PTT and puts the radio on the floor next to him. He takes deep breaths as the pain in his arm starts to hurt again, hoping that it wasn't cut to deep. It cant stop him tho from doing what he is here to do and that's to help people. he picks back up the radio and presses the PTT *

"Hello...My name is Doctor Kevin Shock and no before you say, Im not that kind of doctor. I'm a Therapist, psychologist, social worker how ever you wish to call it. I'm calling out to help, I understand some people can be very unclear or unknowing about mental health especial in this land. Mental health is getting better known and understanding where I come from and I hope to bring it here, for the people who are having a hard time at the moment" 

* Kevin takes a second break before pressing the PTT * 

"I'm here to tell you that its going to be ok. Are you having trouble sleeping ? Low in mood ? Avoiding people or starting to ? Thinking of self-harm or have done all ready done it ? Are you worried about a loved one ? Hearing strange voices ? acting completely different than how you normally do ? feeling sad and that sadness never seems to go away ? Night terrors ? suicidal? Then please contact me and we arrange a private talk or if there are any safe zones or city's under control and are keeping people safe then please get in contact......Thank you "

* Kevin realises the PTT and holds his arm as the pain is coming back * 

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*Sam pressed the PTT, speaking clearly into the radio*

"Green Mountain Radio has been looking for a therapist for a while now and would be happy to have you if you are looking for a place of your own. Get back to either myself or Karmen Rowe ( @Xehara ) if you are interested."

*the message faded out as she released the PTT.*

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Mouse would take her radio. After sneaking to the clinic for painkillers that she busted a drawer open for, she slips three pain meds at 260mg each into her mouth. The Irish woman speaks on the frequency in a calm manner...

"Hi, names Mouse.
I was wondering if you could visit Novaya Petrovka any time soon? 
I'd rather not discuss any of the issues I'd like to bring up.
When you arrive, just ask for the 'goth girl', 'gypsy' or 'gyppo' or just simple ol' Mouse.
I hope to see you soon..."

She would let the radio finally cut off.

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* Kevin Smiles has he hears the voices, making him forget about the pain, he picks up the radio and presses the PTT*

" Hello there, il be happy to visit both places today, im just about to leave now. Hope to bump into you both very soon "

* Kevin realises the PTT *


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The sound of rain beating down against the radio added extra static to Karmen's reply. 

"Won't be able to meet until late tonight. Green Mountain is a long ways from where I am now and I have another meeting first. Head to Mouse first." 

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*Clyde decides to respond to the doctor over the radio, his voice lacks a lot of emotion*

"My parent's always told me to be nice to my therapist, but I don't like them unless they have candy."




*a long pause ensues*




"This place sucks.... people are mean to me because I have autism except.... Kenneth."

*He stops transmitting his message

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* Kevin was just finishing of his note when he heard the man on the radio. He places down his pin and picks up the radio and presses the PTT *

" Hello there, I'm afraid I don't have any candy but iv got 2 good ears willing to listen to you. People are mean to you because of your autism? well that's not very nice, how are you copying with it ? you must be doing well to survive all of this. If you want to talk if you throw me a freq you use il be more than happy to meet you.

* Kevin puts the radio down and turns his note pad over to a fresh page * 

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