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"A blade worthy of the name" Freq: 180.4

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*Static breaks, A soft breeze can be heard with the chirping of birds, Then a soft voice begins to speak* 

"To all out there I hope you hear this in good health, My name is Archibald Fogwood I am just a average survivor trying to survive like most." 

*A Gentle crackling of a fire can be heard, Then He pauses taking in a breath* 

"I would hate to bother anyone as I know we all are quite busy surviving at the moment and for the foreseeable future, But I was wandering if any body out there has a Sword replica for trade, I have never been good with guns and haven't really learned to used them proficiently, however I did take fencing classes in College and was quite good, I have been on the hunt for a good Sword for many Weeks now and I haven't come any closer to finding one." 

*Static breaks quickly before Fire Can heard Crackling in the background again* 

"I know to ask for such a hard to find item is quite the proposal but I have some things for trade, Not much Overall but I would literally be willing to give the clothes off my back to get a weapon I know how to use well. It seems stupid I know but if anyone out there cares or can help feel free to contact me on this frequency"

*A sudden pause in his voice reveals a Infected growling can be heard in the background* 

"to anyone listening I hope you are all in good health and surviving well, thank you for you time and god bless." 

*Static consumes the channel sending it silence once more*

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