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[IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

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"Erin Go Bragh"



The Irish Republican Brotherhood routes trace back to the 19th and 20th Century and played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising in 1916, however, dissolved shortly after in 1924. The creation of the new IRB in Chernarus, was founded by Shepherd and Michael, after the assassinations on multiple District Leaders. They founded the IRB for the protection of the Irish population in Chernarus, creating their own Irish Catholic Church, setting up a sanctuary for the Irish. 

The group's objectives and mentality can be changed depending on what is happening in-game, e.g. if a new British Organisation arrives in town, the IRB will gather intelligence on them, or if there's a massive increase in drug output, we will put an end to that. The survival of the Irish Population is key to this group, anything that could harm Irish Civilians, or the IRB themselves will be met by force, we will not bow down.




Shepherd gets informed by the newly hired Takistani mercenary Zaahid el Noor that a valuable asset holding intel on Cherna Russians is going to be at Green Mountain. Shepherd knows there is a hit on his head and decides to dress Sokol Zakharov up as himself to be safe.

As Sokol is making his way to Green Mountain together with Zaahid and a few of his mercenaries he can tell that something is off, perhaps it is the way the mercenaries haven't spoken to him since they started making their way into green mountain or perhaps it is because he has a hard time trusting people in general.

Nevertheless, Sokols loyalty to Ryan Shepherd is unquestionable and he knows that what he is doing is the right thing since he owes his life to Shepherd.

They enter the gates full of civilians trading and conversing, the make their way towards the back and in a dark alley behind the main compound building they await their informant.

10-20 minutes later

Sokol starts sweating as time passes, with every minute he grows more suspicious. Zaahid disappears for a few moments. Sokol looks at the two mercenaries who guard him closely. One of the mercs pushes his right hand on his earplug and listens closely. Sokol realizes something is up and is just about to pull his radio off his vest and tell Ryan Shepherd and his men who are waiting down the hill that it’s a setup before Zaahid grabs his arms and starts handcuffing him, Sokol tries to resist but is to no avail. He tries muttering a few words but the barrel of Zaahids ak-47 enters his mouth, Zaahid says calmly with a broken Arabic-English accent - “Nothing personal brother, just good business. The russian government has paid me good money for the leadership of districts heads”  

Suddenly Ryan Shepherds radio comes on. He hears an Arabic accent say “Ladies and Gentlemen of Green Mountain, here we have Mr Sokol of the District” “These men have been the scum of this country too long” “Mr Shepherd, *He hears a shot go off* and the leaders of the District, you’re next” *The radio goes silent*

Soon after shots start ringing off next to Shepherd and District members start dropping like flies. An RPG blasts off next too Shepherd and in the rising smoke he’d see Zaahid el Noor holding a RPG in his hands.

7-8 hours later…

Shepherd begins to move down south into hiding, he has lost all communication with the District. He went to Berezino where he first arrived, looking for an Irishman he met when he was getting a tour of the town. He arrived into Berezino early morning, the town was deserted. Shepherd began to hunker down in the nearby forest, going into Berezino for supplies.

1 week later…

Shepherd is in town and looking for supplies, walking around the shops, pubs, supermarkets and what not. Suddenly he’s tackled by a man. An Irishman can be heard “Don’t you fukin move pal, or I’ll put a bullet right through you”. The man puts a bag over his head and begins to move him. Shortly they arrive at an unknown location. “Put him on that fukin chair and tie him up will ye” The Irishman removes the bag over his head. *Shepherd sees 3-4 people around him* The Irishman asks him “What are you doing around here boy, walking through a major town, do you know how many infected are you idiot”. Shepherd responds with “Hey you ya fukin idiot let me go” *The capturer immediately realises he’s Irish* “Wait, wait am I hearing that correctly, you’re a goddamn paddy aren’t you?”

A few hours later…

The Irishman and Shepherd are speaking with each other, they exchange names Michael is the Irishman’s name, upon speaking they soon realise that they knew each other. Michael met Shepherd when he was getting shown around town by Russians. Michael took Shepherd in and got him on his feet so he could eventually move, Michael was reluctant to let him leave, but because they were from the same country, he honoured his wish of him leaving.

Over the next few days...

Shepherd tells Michael about his boys, Awimba, Sokol, Jerry, Calum, Jerry, Paddy and the notable character John Johnson from John Johnson construction. He was explaining the recent war that had happened, and the shit that went down. He started telling him about how an unknown organisation captured Sokol, and how they executed him. Shepherd told Michael of his wish of regrouping with his men and hunting the men who killed his good friend. Shepherd expressed his feeling about the possibility of a betrayal against him and his men. He no longer wanted to take in English, Russian, Americans, Europeans and so forth. He expressed his feelings of making a pure Irish group, Irish only, he would if he found allow the Loyal Ex-District members beapart of this group

Michael, a devout Irish Catholic, began to start like this idea of a pure Irish group, Shepherd and Michael came from the same routs. Even though Michael was from the North, they had the same ideology, they both had the same resentment against the British, especially the English. Both had some part in the uprising and the IRA, Michael was a member of the RIRA. Damian wanted to setup a sanctuary for the Irish of Chernarus, a Church to enforce Irish Catholicism over Chernarus, and hopefully convert the country. Damian also wanted to wipe out anyone who attacks, abuses, robs, kills and persecutes against the Irish. Along with the discussion, Shepherd begins to agree, and believe the two men can work together for the interests of their own beliefs and the Irish people of Chernarus. Upon agreeing on a deal, Damian allowed Mr Shepherd to run this group.

A few minutes later after discussing the group…

Michael begins to speak with Mr Shepherd, “I believe we should call ourselves the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The IRB goes back to the 20th Century during the Easter Risings in 1916 leading to the establishment of the Ireland. “Aye pal, I like the sound of that, heard of the work those guys done” “We should honour the men who fought for our existence” Michael responds with “Well that’s it, lets get his moving”. Michael and his men begin moving more up north with Shepherd in the hopes of finding Irishmen to recruit to the new Brotherhood, and Shepherd hoping he can regroup with the Remnants of District.

1 week later…

A week after the creation of the IRB, Shepherd and Michael have now recruited some fellow Irish to the group and began the process of converting the country and creating the sanctuary. As well as establishing a spy network consisting of the Americans who pretend they are Irish because their great-great-great grandfather died in the famine. This spy network known as the Fenian Ring would gather information about the men who executed Sokol. They also gathered information the local groups and peoples, especially any British people, Army and Government assets and Zaahid and his mercenaries.





Ryan Shepherd

(Ryan Shepherd)

Michael O'Connell


Kieran O'Hara



Jerry Joyce


Callum O'Burke


Connor McCarthy







Patrick McAllister


Frankie Begum





Conor O'Reilly





Oscar Belinski





Father Micky McGee




- Ensure the survival of the Irish Population | [indefinite] -

- Recruitment of local Irish Civilians into the IRB | [indefinite] -

- The enforcement of Irish Catholicism on Chernarus | [indefinite] -

- Create Hibernia, the Irish Sanctuary | [Day 575] -

- Find out information of Zihaad and Sergey | [Day 630] -

- Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 670] -

- Recruit a Fenian Spy Network [0/10]



- Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP -

- Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting -

- (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing -

- Having fun together -





Media Thread


Recruitment is currently OPEN

We are only looking for Irish Characters (Other recruitment will be done IG)

Send a PM to  @Banshee@Ryan Shepherd or @Challenger using the format below;



OOC Age:

Link to Character page:

Past Roleplaying Experience (If any):

Past Groups (If any):

Why do you want to join our group:

What could you add to our group as a member:


@OxeN - The backstory

@Banshee - Graphics and formatting

@Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK- Being good people

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Good luck guys. It's been a long time since there was a dope Irish group around.

Has it been 7 days for you lads? They may hit you with the yeet like us

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Looks really damn good boys, good luck

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Just now, Nightngale said:

Good luck guys. It's been a long time since there was a dope Irish group around.

Has it been 7 days for you lads? They may hit you with the yeet like us

I left 7 days ago. 

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Good luck.

Edited by Xavier

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Considering District was archived on Thursday and you were still on the roster of District, the group will be archived until you can provide me another person who can lead your group / timer goes away. Due to us not having a good way to track group leaves if you can provide me with some evidence you left before that I'm more than happy to re-instate the thread.

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We back in business 

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Best of luck boys o7 .. Give em hell

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I hope we meet IC. 

Some past interactions with the characters listed on the roster will make for some intersting RP.

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I'm loving the look of this group, wishing you all the best of luck with it👍

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Here we go, young fella's.



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Welcome back fellas.

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Thread looks really good, especially the graphics. :trolle:

Excited for this lads, here we go!

Edited by Banshee
Stupid joke

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After discussing this with @Roland, considering this is quite literally a remake of the IRA which by most is deemed as a terrorist group, this group will be forcefully archived due to us not allowing terrorist groups.

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