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Le Vestige [Recruitment: Strict]

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"Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."






The Foraye into South Zagoria

The Legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment were sent into the heart of the outbreak as a last ditch effort to stabilize and ease the conflicts within the war-torn wasteland. As well as to secure a land and territory suitable for the regiment in the Black Mountains to establish themselves with the threat from unknown forces in the north growing by the days. This was unsuccessful. The men were faced with constant attacks and brutality to seemingly no end. Sous-Lieutenant Jamal Moore and the other men of the small force were seen as foreign trash and invaders.

Regardless, they persevered and followed the missions given to them. The establishment of New Paris and the Région de Napoléon was completed, but to little success. It quickly became apparent to the men that there was little-to-no chance of reasoning with the volatile forces within South Zagoria and they began losing hope. On top of that, the few men available began doubting the competence of their commander’s orders and drew closer and closer to deserting by the day. Realizing this, Moore sent a plea to the regiment in the north, requesting to return. This was reluctantly granted.


February 9th 2019


The small band of Legionnaires departing New Paris for the final time


The Legionnaires of  2e CIE were left worn and beaten, but they would follow orders one last time if it meant returning to their fellow Legionnaires and face the constant attacks in the Black Mountains. On the 10th, the men packed what few supplies remained and began the all too familiar march back to the Russian border. This trek was deceivingly peaceful till they reached the mountains. The areas and trails that were once populated by FFL patrols seemed baron and quiet. No matter, the men continued on and found themselves silently pushing through a tight and rocky valley trail. With the absence of the aforementioned patrols, this familiar area put the men on high alert. Before any of them could question this position, they found themselves under heavy fire from an unknown group of assailants.


The Bloodshed



The few remaining  2e CIE bravely returning fire


This barrage of gunfire marked nothing but the realization of every Legionnaires’ fear. They were heavily outnumbered, out gunned, and out positioned. The men had fallen into a textbook ambush with nowhere to advance or effectively return fire. The small squad ducked behind rocks, dove into crevices, and others couldn’t even make it that far. Many of the men were immediately struck with enemy fire, but continued fighting to the best of their abilities. A select few of brave Legionnaires were immediately killed. They hailed to command for reinforcements, but were just short of ignored and abandoned. With no option but to retreat, Moore made the call to flee back south. However, they would never leave the wounded brothers to fall alone and continued fighting for moments more. Sergent Rykov, along with a handful others, were among the wounded and incapable of retreating. In a moment of selflessness, they demanded the capable Legionnaires fall back and not die for this vain mission.



Legionnaire Jones hailing for support, to no avail


The Return to the Wasteland

As the remaining men quickly fell back, they could hear nothing but the sound of their wounded brothers buying them time. These short and sporadic exchanges would only be heard for another few moments, but long enough for the men to escape. This ambush and loss of brothers was the ultimate breaking point for the Legionaries of 2e CIE. They were left abandoned, alone, and defenceless. The regiment in the mountains were either dead or gone. Either way, they felt betrayed. With no other option, the men returned to South Zagoria, crossing the Russian border one last time. Upon re-entering Chernarus, they quickly stripped anything that could identify them as FFL. They no longer had the supplies or manpower to face the conflicts that would accompany their return. So, unanimously, they voted to continue their lives without the shade of the French. They were broken, forgotten, and betrayed…



The Fallen Legionnaires:

Sergent Nikolai Rykov

Caporal Chef Tom Ivory

Caporal Jack Barns

Legionnaire de 1re classe Sten Ilves

Legionnaire de 1re classe Paul Froyer (M.I.A.)

Legionnaire de 2e classe Oussama Mbokani

Legionnaire de 2e classe Kane Shawn Lewis




Moving Forward

With no direction or mission, the brothers felt almost lost in this land that they had been calling home. They no longer identified with the Legion, France, or any military structure. For the first time since joining the FFL, they were free to do whatever they wished. Naturally with the diverse, and sometimes troubled, backgrounds of the men; they had mixed opinions and aspirations. However, even with this complexity, they knew they had to preserve the brotherhood they had built with blood and survive in the name of the fallen comrades. Although, this could no longer be easily achieved with the heavy loss they had sustained. They had to grow their numbers with more like minded individuals.

Those individuals came in the form of Vadim Salko and his small band of radicals and misfits. Unlike the former Legionnaires, these men had been shapen and proven by infection from the start. They were no military group, nor did they have any structure to them. They were the definition of troubled. However, they also found themselves losing more and more of their tight knit group and desperately needed the same as the former FFL. Supplies, numbers, and means.



Some of Salko’s men obtaining supplies


These needs, along with their similar desire to live to their own wishes, brought the two worn groups together. They were naturally hesitant and anxious about each other at first. Salko’s group knew the danger of foreign militaries and had heard of the actions of the FFL. And the former Legionnaires knew better than to trust groups like Vadim’s. But, since neither wanted to perish in the wasteland, they mostly settled their differences and molded their brotherhoods into one.



Who Are We?

Simply put, this a band of broken, but tested individuals from all walks of life. There are the men of the Legion with their experiences in military practices, but also troubled backgrounds. Then there are civilians, Chernarussian and not, who have survived by all means necessary since the infection first spread and the chaos that followed. However, these men are no longer bound by any forced moral code other than their own. They plan to and will persevere by all means necessary and protect their brothers, new and old. Every man in this group would willingly die for the brother standing next to him and trusts him with his life. They have been pushed and beaten by this new world and won’t stand for it any longer. They live by no code or structure. Every man has his own goals, missions, and desires. They are truly remnants of the lost world.




Source enough firearms to keep our brothers protected and ready for any conflict

Recruit like-minded individuals that can be freely accepted into the brotherhood and provide valuable skills

Find a secret location to call home

Make a name for ourselves

Gather valuable intelligence that we can act on or sell to other groups resulting in us being very informed on current affairs

Strengthen the bonds between brothers and certain groups through a devised system


Long Term / Never Ending

Broaden the skills of each individual group member whether it be combat, medical or communication based

Investigate the group in the north

Discover the fate of the rest of the regiment

Aid those oppressed by hostile gangs

Maintain the name we make for ourselves


(More will be added with future interactions)




Remnants of 2e CIE

Jamal Moore

Jayden Simon

Stephan Cree

Mike Wyatt

Rustin Jones

Peeve Hippie

Vadim's Street Rats

Vadim Salko

Salavdi Musaev

Krystof Sudek

Jack Dalton

Abel Kain

Anzor Azhiev

Vyacheslav Jaska





If you are interested in joining, send a PM to Nightngale with the information below.

At what times are you most active:
In game name:
Character backstory:
Previous groups/clans:
Why would you like to join?:



Met our group in-game? Want to give feedback? Then feel free to PM Nightngale with this format:

Server, Date, Time:
Small description of the event:
On a scale 1-10, how much did you enjoy the encounter?
What was the best thing about the encounter?
Anything we should improve on?


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Lets get it

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Good shit boys.

Glad to see you brought in another group, looking forward to some decent encounters.

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Good luck lads

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Graphics looks great, @Nightngale coming in clutch with those photoshop skills! Group is going to be lit. 


Edited by YungBrandonRP

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I'm a lover not a fighter, and I don't help build bases!!

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Eskettit boiz!

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massive hype!
So happy u boys are back with a new group. I'm excited to see where this goes. Don't archive so quickly please, you guys are super fun to be around!

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After talking to Wong and having no one being able to lead the group, the thread will be archived until the timer from FFL's archival is over.

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Ayo, thanks guys. We back

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oof what a roster, good luck boys

Edited by Nik

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And we back

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I'll get an updated roster, art, lore, etc as soon as we can effectively edit threads. 

Edited by Nightngale

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3 minutes ago, Melvin said:


What do you want Chang? 0.0

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Just now, Nightngale said:

What do you want Chang? 0.0

n-nothing shut up

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Guess whose back? Back again!!!!!!

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nouveau new paris when? 😛 welcome back

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2 hours ago, CaliforniaRP said:

nouveau new paris when? 😛 welcome back

Never 😞

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Good luck guys.

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3 minutes ago, Dr Brandon said:

Good luck guys.

 Thanks bb

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Alright, well. Close this.

Since Wong has left and no one has interest in playing FFL characters without him, the group is missing half of it's motives and lore. Don't really feel like rewriting the whole lore and what not. We'll figure something out and be back I'm sure. 

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o7 lads

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