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Perma Fog Weather Effect. Is there a fix?

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Last night I logged in on the S1 server by Green Mountain, I noticed there was heavy rain and fog lingering around, so i decided to wait it out by the barracks before continuing my journey. However, 30 minutes had past and the rain and fog was still there. 

Today, I logged in once again around 2:30pm EST (2/15/2019). And to my surprise the rain and the fog was still there. It was making it very hard to see 15-20 meters in front of my character.

Is there a fix that could help me with my issue?

- I have already uninstalled and reinstalled DayZ

- I have already verified my game files

Any tips would be appreciated!

Thank you

heavy rain and fog dayzrp.jpg

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It's server side. You can't fix it. It's on staff to fix it. The fog is really annoying tho...

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Honestly this fog has opened up a lot of opportunities for RP.
Since it appears at the same time all the infected "mutated" one could RP out that it has a connection.
I know it's annoying, but it can be fun if you make it fun 🙂 

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34 minutes ago, Phoenix said:


It could open alot of opportunities for RP if I could find RP while running in the fog 😛

the DayZ devs fucked something up again and im not sure if our devs can do something about it. The fog shouldnt be this thick. A little bit of fog is really sick but I still want to find my RP and not run for 6 hours trying to find RP because I cant see 5m ahead.

I love different weather types but this is just broken fog (also because its client side). I say remove it or make it that thick for 30 minutes just after restart. I noticed it went away yesterday but having fog 24_7 is stupid as hell.



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It's just a fuckup in the init file which we have to revert, it will be done when @Roland hops on later.

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