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Setting Things Right

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*Yaropolk would grasp his radio sitting inside his recently reinhabited home. Glancing around he raises the radio to his mouth and keys the mic*

(He would speak with an accent of a ethnic Russian from South Zagoria, in Russian, Chernarussian, and then in English, all while struggling to hide his true identity, albeit a little badly)

"Foreign agents populate these lands more numerous than anyone has ever imagined. From our beautiful northern towns, to the western wilderness to the beautiful coastline of this great nation, foreign agents seek to destroy it. We have so far been complicit with their tasks, cooperating with their soldiers, assisting them, and tolerating them. It is time for this to come to an end.

The Russian Federation through the thinly veiled guise of PAMYATI have recently been making a push to appear nice, to appear kind, to show everyone the supposed welcoming and protecting arm of their motherland. Some of us have fallen for their lies, me included. I once fought alongside them until it became obvious their true loyalties lay not with South Zagorians, but with the Russian government. I have seen these men execute South Zagorians for petty crimes, for personal disputes, and for nothing at all. I awaited the right time and left their ranks. For those still working for those agents you have time to right your wrongs.

These agents want nothing good for us, their true intents no matter how nicely they phrase it is to make us subjects, to make us bow before them.  They call themselves PAMYATI, but who do they remember? What for? They remember the dead, but not their cause. They do not share a cause, our brave men and women fought in the war for independence, for self-rule, not as PAMYATI would have us think--to become subjects of a nation just as brutal.

It is time now to come together and reject this obvious attempt at subversion of our will, to assert our independence, to completely sever our ties with this abhorrent organization. South Zagoria deserves its right to determine its own future, and like my father I will fight for it--I encourage you to do the same.

Slava South Zagoria."

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*Terrano holds down on his PTT.*

"God, do I wish there were more locals like you, with a steady head of their shoulders. All of us can only hope people will come together, or we will all burn together. Godspeed."

*Terrano releases his PTT.*

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Pavel reaches for his radio. While the accent might be Eastern, more specifically local-ish, he speaks in English without any notable complications.



<:: "Good day. 'We' have reason to believe the recent claims are accurate and that the so-called remembrance movement isn't just what they initially claimed to be. Let us recollect:

1. There were recent radio calls indicating support by a state actor, specifically Russia. While most of them are from different survivors here and may not all be verified, it adds to the picture

2. Their MO, modus operandi, coincidentally seems to align with Russian state interests, and in return, they benefit from a rebelling supposed Russian minority operating under supposed noble goals. Yet, they quickly aggressively engaged the UN shortly after it arrived here with a second team or unit. Would the UN presence here be a thorn in the side of Russia? Probably, if they want to invade neighbouring states

3. 'Plausible' deniability even in the face of accusations due to the set up as 'concerned or bitter minority group'

4. A not so old radio broadcast or threat of a supposed higher ranking Russian military officer of an army group threatening states in the vicinity of Russia that they would in essence invade and conquer the lands in the face of weakened states due to infection - I guess this is the time now

5. Reports of Russian troops. Actual soldiers.


Add all of this together or ask yourself 'Qui bono'? Who benefits? It doesn't even matter to publicly determine how deep Russia or PAMYATI, respectively, is involved: they both benefit from each other, actual backing or not, and likely will not engage each other, but work together. Consider them enemies. No matter who you are, you stand in their way in their bid to rob not just South Zagoria but Chernarus from not just the Chernarussians but all types of foreigners who currently get by here in safe zones or out here in the wildlands. They want a soviet union two-point-oh. And if you are a mercenary, approached by them, you'll just be used as a tool and discarded once you have served your purpose. Maybe you might later know too much and have an accident... Russia was known for this long before the infection. No loose ends when it might bite them in the ass later. Even now in this mess.

Who am I? Just a Chernarussian who puts two and two together. I urge all who listen to this to try to drop past grudges you may have had. Yes, even to you, nationalists who do not differentiate between foreigners and see the world black and white, figuratively. Even those with Russian roots but who consider themselves Chernarussians and are ready to stand by the nation in times of need. All of you. We have a bigger issue. We face being swept away by an attacking force that isn't just a rag-tag group of degenerates, we face armed forces.


If we cannot set aside our differences for a while, what are we worth in the face of acute danger? Let us do the smart and right things. For South Zagoria!"



He then let's go. While initially he starts the broadcast in a calm or more distanced fashion, as he goes through it you likely might be able to tell him to become a bit more emotional with the words.

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*A Russian voice can be heard*

From what they told me, they are ethnic Russians who were born in Chernarus and are persecuted for just being Russian. Anyway, if we could also get rid of this 'Chernarussian Pride, kill all foreigners' mindset, that would help a lot. No sense in it.

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Just now, shipwreck117 said:

*A Russian voice can be heard*

From what they told me, they are ethnic Russians who were born in Chernarus and are persecuted for just being Russian. Anyway, if we could also get rid of this 'Chernarussian Pride, kill all foreigners' mindset, that would help a lot. No sense in it.

"I was one of them, I worked alongside them, I know them better than most, they are not who they say, they work with smoke and mirrors and only tell the truth when they think they know no one else is around. I am an ethnic Russian, I lived through the war, I am no ethnic nationalist. I am a South Zagorian plain and simple. We all are now."

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The transmission sparks to life again, a Chernarussian is heard

"Russia is entire reason nationalists have taken up arms, ever since civil war."

"Regardless, we are all in same boat. If Russia is planning to move south, we will be the first to feel their wrath and fire. If reports are true, and Russian military is engaging civilians, then talks of temporary peace may be needed to repel whatever they throw at us. Russians will not care if you are Chernarussian or not."

The transmission ends

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*John picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"Many of you have yet to even encounter the Russian forces personally, I suggest you meet with me soon if you actually plan on helping us fight against them. Because as far as I am tracking its only the Saviors and Legacy that are willing to defend Chernarus to the death. But hey if you got the balls, then by all means we will help supply you for things to come."

"Anyways, preach unity. Regardless of where you were born, I think we all have an obligation as good human beings to protect this country that has so gracefully taken us in with open arms. Gentlemen....Ladies, please stay safe. And if you are in the North, beware. Troops could be lurking in the area."

*John releases the PTT*

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*Picking up the radio, looking in the distance over the beauty that is Chernarus, Alex would speak*

"This country hasn't welcomed any of you with open arms. Those that have are half-breed Russian insurgents and the rest are foreigners attempting to pillage what isn't theirs. CDF is on the front lines, risking it all. None of you. All of a sudden, you're all acting like heroes. Not a few months ago you were robbing and shooting anything that walked, you are wolves in masks."

*He'd pause for a moment and continue to speak*

"If it wasn't for a recent statement made towards a fellow countrymen not a few moments ago which happened to have caught the ears of one of my bratrs, we may have considered a ceasefire until the Russians were dealt with. You state that the Russians haven't stepped foot into the country, yet they have been here for months, as your allies. PAMYATI. The Russians will be priority until they are eradicated from OUR country and the CDF have fully secured the north, this does not mean safety for you or your men."

*Placing his radio back in his side pocket, Alexandr would return to his rest*


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*Tom picks up his radio and hits the PTT*

"Mr Moody, you may not remember me; that's alright, we only met briefly.  I was the hostage with the purple backpack carrying the the only rifle Clayton's men didn't steal when I was in your town.  I would speak to you further about what can be done to stop the incursions and bombings.  I've got a small number of rifles with me, but we lack protective gear for the radiation, which drove us from the area.

Are you offering such equipment and meds to those who can head up there to fight?"

*Thomas takes his thumb off the PTT button and awaits to hear more*

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*Yuri presses the ptt*

”Ha, this is rich coming from the podonok that was kicked out for being untrustworthy. Da we are Russian enthicity and have been persecuted because of it while living in South Zagoria by people like this that just want to see Russian people killed. Seems like the nationalist had a hand in this ask the people we’ve helped how “bad” we are. Before you put our name in your mouth look who’s behind all this a snake that was found out and kicked out of the little family we have. I’m here to discredit any word he is spreading towards us and say it is untrue. This man has been trying to undermine us for some time now cause we told him he couldn’t join back into the family cause too many people were hurt because of him. Yaropolk always tried the wrong way to deal with things and that was violence he tried to break up the peace y’all between all alliances, he tried killing innocents, and he tried to blame it on other groups of people for this he was told to leave our family. Don’t listen to this silver tongue or it may end up with more people killed and we just want to see South Zagoria prosper again like it should.”

*He releases the ptt and stoked around in the fire for a while before laying down to sleep*

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*Kane would listen to the broadcast, a look of amusement tingling in his eyes. Finally he grabbed the radio and responded in a sarcastic tone*

"Oh no, I'm all alone and done such terrible atrocities. Oh dear me, how ever shall I stop people I've hurt from blaming me.

Oh I know, I'll blame the super secret spies from Russia that I totally worked with. I didn't do the terrible things, no sir not me. It was them"

*Kane's tone evened out then growing more serious*

"I think we can all agree the Russians are up to something. But I'm not sure I believe this is anything but an attempt of passing the blame on to your old comrades to clean your hands.

If you want us to take you seriously then I think you should turn yourself over for the innocent chernarussians you and your former comrades killed. Seeing as you're feeling all patriotic and stuff. 

But what do I care. On one side if you're telling the truth now you've got KGB or whatever the modern equivalent is on your ass. If not, well there's still the matter of the innocents you aided in killing to worry about.

Have fun.

And God I've missed South Zagoria"

*Kane releases his PTT then before whistling as he continues down the road*

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*Noah shakes his head softly as he listens to the various chatter. He then places a cigarette in his mouth, lights it, and then rests his boots on the table in front of him before raising his radio up to his lips, his Yorkshire accent ringing out then.*

"Funny how quickly the tune changed since you've been ex-communicated from the troop. Not long ago you were willing to fight for a group of people that have been suffering, now you've flipped completely, are your ideals that flimsy that you're willing to change side at the drop of a hat? What a load of bullshit..."

*There's a small break in speech as Noah takes a drag from his cigarette, audibly.*

"Listen, I know the PAMYATI guys, I've been with them for a while and I've never seen them executing any Chernarussians, nor have I seen them interacting with any soldiers. I'm not a Russian, I'm not a Chernarussian, so I've got no dog in this fight, I'm just a contractor that's only going on what he's seen. This does beg the question though, if the gentleman behind this broadcast has seen any of this shit going on, why is he only talking about it now? Why not before? Surely something as abhorrent as murdering civilians for 'nothing at all' would warrant an immediate response. Also, this guy didn't so much 'leave when the time was right' he got the boot for going behind our backs and snaking us, so to anyone that's trusting a word he says, don't. He's doing what he's always been up to, trying to incite more fighting between all of us for whatever sick reason. 

Anyways, I'm out, peace." 

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*A voice comes over the frequency, full of static, causing distortion*

"Russians killing Chernarussians, and Chernarussians killing Russians. Finger pointing from all sides, rumors, lies, facts, it doesn't matter. Why must you all fight when the world is being ravaged by disease?"

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