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Server time (UTC): 2019-09-18, 14:28
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S1 - KOS Pustoshka 2019-02-12, 02:40

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Server and location: S1 Pustoshka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-12, 02:40

Your in game name: Matty Mayfire

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: Logs

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Mine

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 



Detailed description of the events: Was driving south to pick up a friend who got killed by zombies. Decided to drive around in Pustoshka a little bit. I see a dude opening a shed, and then run into the middle of the road. I slow down and try to swerve a little bit because he was in the direct middle of the road. He aims his gun at me and kills me. No words were spoken between us.

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Hit Logs

[2019/02/12 02:38:54]: (Matty Mayfire) hit by (Toby underwood) to Head with Bullet_762x39
[2019/02/12 02:38:55]: (Matty Mayfire) hit by (Toby underwood) to Torso with Bullet_762x39

Kill Logs

[2019/02/12 02:38:54]: (Matty Mayfire) killed by (Toby underwood)

Connection Logs

01:47:59 : Player Matty Mayfire connected
02:50:55 : Player Matty Mayfire disconnected
02:51:29 : Player Matty Mayfire connected
-Still Connected-

02:32:54 : Player Toby underwood connected
02:39:11 : Player Toby underwood disconnected
02:39:27 : Player Toby underwood connected
02:47:36 : Player Toby underwood disconnected
02:48:44 : Player Toby underwood connected
-Still Connected-



Calling in


For his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he might have. Please also list your allies involved in this situation.

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Yes i did kill him on sight, im honestly sorry for what happened. Right before i started playing i was on a battle grounds server and i legality did not think when i was shooting. Im willing to return his stuff all and full 

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Clear cut case, you admit to killing him on sight (which you should never, ever do) and for that you will be punished with a 7 day ban. Next time you are on DayZRP please remember to follow our rules as we are not a 'battle grounds' server.

Please read the rules again before getting back on the server next time.

@Brock1042 - 7 day ban, 10 points.

/solved with the help of @Banshee, @Samti and @RandyRP.

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