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*You suddenly hear the Chernarussian language coming from your radio*

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Vadim sees a old radio and grabs it. His leg and back in pain and he feels the blood from the scar on his back dripping down. He presses the PTT and starts to talk in Chernarussian

"Hello? Can anyone hear this?.."


"Some fucking American dogs who call themselfs the Saviors just captured me and carved some dogname on my back.."

"I need medical aid.."

"Any Chernarussians still alive?.."


His body weakens and he falls down to his knees

"We cant let those dogs take our co.."

He falls down and he drops the radio

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*A young girl's voice filters into the radio, she speaks with a soft chernarussian accent.*

"K...Kde jsi? Ahoj?"


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*Kamila would be laid back in a cabin as she heard the broadcast. She pushed the PTT and started speaking Chernarussian.*

I cannot offer you medical aid, brother, but you can offer me information, which I can act upon and use to help fight back this foreign scum, who take our country for granted. Stay strong. Do not lose hope, we are the only ones who can truly stop this. You are not alone.

Slava Chernarus.

*She releases the PTT, sighing as she does so.*

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*Zaahid hears the transmission and answers in a broken chernarussian accent*

"Ah i see this is the way you people act when war is upon you, you don't care if they try to sacrifce themselves to save your shit country."

"The saviours are working day and night helping CDF forces against Chedakis and all you do is sit in your petty feuds, Patethic.."

"It was never personal here, it was only good business but you motherfuckers made it personal"

*The static cuts out with a song in the backround that plays for exactly 4:16 minutes*





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*Terrano holds down on his PTT.*

"The Chernarussian civilians hate for foreigners doesn't even make sense at this point. We've done more for your country in the midst of all this bullshit then you ever have in the last two years."

*Terrano releases his PTT.*

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Aleks grabs his radio and replies in Chernarussian

"This is Aleksandr Jirasek. Where are you? Where did this happen? Who did this?"

He awaits a reply

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*Toby would pick up his Radio after he heard the translation and replies in his german accent*

"It happened at the North west airfield where a chernarussian man started big mouthing at us and spit on our work we are doing for this country at the moment. He therefore got punished and will remember to talk with respect next time. Best greetings, Tobias Richter."

*he then would release the PTT*

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**A calm, western voice with a marked Canadian accent comes on over the radio, speaking in halting but understandable Chernarussian.**


"Private frequency available, if you can provide your location. Medical aid standing by."

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Vadim slowly opens his eyes while he hears multiple people talk. He thinks to himself "How can some of those people understand what im saying?" He shakes his head and presses the PTT

"Little girl, I am somewhere around Green Mountain but dont risk coming for me."

"I can give you information but I will not do it via this radio because somehow some forgeiners learned our language. We should meet somewhere.."

He stops for a brief second and slowly stands up. He walks to a mirror and looks at his back. He shakes his head and punches the mirror

"Aleksandr.. Brother, I am somewhere around Green Mountain.."

"This happened at the North West Airfield by the Saviors. I thought they were the good forgeiners but I guess I was wrong.

He releases the PTT and starts to make his way up to Green Mountain

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* the Doc hits his radio *

Hey, listen i am Dr. Merko. i am from Gorka. anyway, pass who i am.  your wounds are going to need more than just a normal doctor to fix that issue.

I have had a couple with a wound like yours come by lately. If you need a doctor who is from here that you can trust come see me in Stary soon. ill have the doors unlocked.

* turns radio off*

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Vadim presses the PTT

"Will visit you today doc."

Releases the PTT

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A stern, working-class Chernarussian blasts through in his native tongue:

-- "Just beware, brother. It is not safe to travel the roads, with these... invaders, north."

-- "You need any help, you say so and some good folk will come."

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Vadim presses the PTT and starts to talk in Chernarussian

"I am aware of that Brother"

"Some foreigner scum tried to scare me away from Zelenogorsk"

"I beat the shit out of him.. American dog.."

"I am traveling with 1 brother but somehow I cant find more.."

"Did those foreigners really take over our country?

Releases the PTT

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White noise leaks through for a couple seconds. The rustling of paper, a magazine being loaded - a campfire.

Then, the same guy replies:

-- "... yes, it seems so. My brothers and I are securing that area ... We have made strides in removing NATO elements."

-- "If you can provide us with any information on any foreign commanders or officers, it would be greatly appreciated."


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Hearing the mans worry of being alone Aleks replies

"Friend, this is Aleks again. They cannot take what is not theirs. Keep your eyes up. We're around. No locations to be given."

He pauses and switches to speaking Chernarussian 

"If you served in the Civil War, meet me where the final skirmishes with the Chedaki took place...if you did not serve...Like I said we're around. Good luck brother. "

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*Jiri takes the radio of his vest and presses it as he speaks in a thick chernarussian accent*

"Bratr the time to take back our country is soon at hand, i will meet you i have fooled the russians in this country that i am russian and have ended up getting crates filled with explosives and weapons."

"Me and my band of chernarussian bratrs will wipe the foreign scum from the area. And if any other chernarussians wishes to do the same then meet me where the final skrimish between the chedaki and CDF took place."

*he can be heard ordering his men to put the crates in an old ural before the transmission cuts off*


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Vadim sees the group of people leaving and stares at the man who made fun of the Chernarussian people, he presses the PTT and talks in Chernarussian.

"Brothers I need some help with some arrogant foreigners"

He takes out a sigarette, puts it in his mouth and lights it before continueing

"I could try to take them out but that is going to be way to risky.."

"There are 9 of them in total including a young Chernarussian girl who is not a threat and is a good woman, she just runs with the wrong people.."

He then looks at another man

"One of them even said he would kill Chernarussians."

He laughs

"Its time we stand up against those arrogant foreigners who think they own this country"

"Brothers I need your help"

"Slava Chernarus"

He slams the radio on his desk and starts to clean his rifle

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Aleks passes his radio to an associate with an unfamiliar voice and they reply in Chernarussian

"Need names. Locations aswell if you can provide. Who specifically said they would kill Chernarussians?"

He sets the radio down

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Vadim stares trough a window while he smokes a sigarette, he decides to press the PTT. He starts to speak in Chernarussian

"Brother, I do not think I need to provide any locations anymore.."

He chuckles

"They are dead."

He would stop broadcasting for some minutes before pressing the PTT again


"I am hearing alot of positive things from the locals.."

"You people seem to take back what belongs to the Chernarussian people"

"I would like to meet you.."

He quickly grabs his AKM and leaves the house, he does this while he keeps his finger on the PTT

"Slava Chernarus"

He puts the radio in his pocket and starts making his way down to Vybor

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*John hits the PTT*

"Hey dumb dick, while you are killing everyone that just shit talks for the sake of letting off steam, we at The Saviors are alive and well. Don't know who you killed but, alas does it matter to you?"

" You care so little about your country, you are willing to let the Russians win before they even step foot officially into Chernarus."

"Pathetic, but fear not, Americans will save your pathetic asses once again. Hopefully you can figure out that was what we Americans call "Talking Shit", its not supposed to be personal."

"You are lucky I am a good man. Anyways if you want to come to your senses and start being a logical thinking individual again, get in contact with the CDF. Your willingness to fight will be needed in the upcoming war. Please, forgive us of whatever sin we have committed against your people and let us prove to you and the other natives that we are here for the betterment of Chernarus."

*John releases the PTT*

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While Vadim sits on a chair he suddenly hears Moody's voice, he thinks to himself "why the fuck is this american so angry?" He decides to press the PTT, you can hear his Chernarussian accent

"Mr. American, I dont know why the FUCK you are so angry.."

"I was not talking about the Saviors, fuck I even told you on another freq I had respect for you helping my country.."

He throws a glass bottle against the wall and swears in Chernarussian before continueing

"Dont you say I dont care about my country, I fought for my country, longer and harder then you are doing right now.."

"You Americans need to calm down, again I respect you Saviors for helping but don't think you own this country.. because you do not.."

He calms himself down

"You tell me my brothers are still alive? Where can I find the CDF?.."

"Mr. American, I think you misunderstood me and thought I was talking about you Saviors, I wasnt.."

"I will never forgive you people for carving shit in my back but I will fight by your side against those dirty Russian pics.."

"Have a nice day mr. American, thank you for helping the Chernarussians protect our country.."

"Slava Chernarus"

He shakes his head and releases the PTT

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Pavel grabs his radio to reply in English although the accent might be Chernarussian. 


<:: "There are no major CDF elements known to be present at this time. This cannot account for 'rogue' elements volunteers, small teams and so on. Should this turn into a war, expect actual elements to roll in to create an Eastern buffer zone to prevent immediate threat to the central oblasts... is my assumption anyway. Information is always shifting and I do not always have "live channels" available so as I say this right now, information could already be outdated. 


People here need to get their shit together if the Russian military attacks because then whatever past or present grudges anyone may have had are irrelevant, you'll be put to a wall and shot or are used in labor to pave their way further. They won't tolerate this no-man's land oblast and bring the forces to clean it out top to bottom. Fight together or die alone."


The transmission fades. 

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