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Can't pick up loot

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So I've just started playing and I seem to have a problem picking up loot. When I find something I can't get it to my inventory. I've tried dragging it over, double tapping and clicking "F". It only works when I leave the area and return a few minutes later and even then it sometimes doesn't work.

Is this normal on the dayzrp server of just with me?

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Hello @Goldy,

since the last DayZ update, the range for picking up items has been drastically reduced, you need to stand pretty much on top of the item to pick it up. It also applies when transferring to containers; you need to keep everything as close as possible. You won't be able to pick up a few items like loose ammunition on bunk-beds in military area either.


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Did this work out? @Goldy

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Was just about to react? Yes it worked! Thanks!!

They really drastically reduced the picking up range since the last time I played?..

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