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Guest Artyom!

Hello People!

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Guest Artyom!

Hey guys my name is Artyom (Mixed some of my real names letters) and I am new here, I am currently trying to figure out some stuff that might even get answered down below :D

Awesome Community btw!

1. Do you need a last name in your ingame name? (I've seen some people have it saying on there profile like ''Marcus'' and no last name''

2. Suggest some good last names that fit with the name Artyom Please! :D

PS: I love this and cant wait until the whitelisting starts! :D

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According to this ruleset, yes, you need to have a last name. Some people haven't played since this was added, which is why it isn't showing :)

As for a last name.. eeeh. Good question, I use a real last name because I find it easier to choose, hehe.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact me or anyone in the staff

I hope you'll enjoy your time here!

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"Artyom Pursia" popped into my head, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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