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Group question

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Is there any group or people on the server or any location that is doing trading? I’m looking for the hunting backpack or tortilla but the loot spawn doesn’t reset very often so there impossible to find? 

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If you run about you'll props find someone no real group that does trading atm.

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There are for sure people to trade with on the server. If you're having trouble, you might be able to find someone radio sub-forum. As for the loot refreshing:

DayZ runs on something called the Central Loot Economy. It's a unique system which is responsible for item clean up and loot spawning. It dictates how many of each item can be present on a single instance of a server, with factors like randomization and rarity. These values are dynamic and change depending on how many people possess a single item. The hunting backpack is one of the most sought after backpacks in the game and hence will be rare. I'm sure you will run into one, however - they spawn in places like hunting stands and deer stands.

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