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Hobo Depot Grand Opening (Open Freq)

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Fat Johnny fumbles to press the buttons on the radio properly due to his sausage like fingers before finally getting it all set up

"Hello everyone this is *Huff* Fat Johnny of the newly established Hobo *Huff* Depot."

He pauses while watching the boys close a sale

"We are located at Green Mountain for the *Huff* time being. We will be here trading and squatting with anyone who drops by for a visit *Huff* but be advised we primarily accept trades in exchange for *huff* Glow sticks or cigarettes or canned goods *huff* if you don't have any of these *Huff* things then maybe we can work something out but *Huff* probably not. Fat Johnny out!"

Johnny sets the radio down and takes a nap after his hard work

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*A young girl with a Chernarussian accent filters into the radio*

"Hey do you have a black dress for trade? Or 45 ACP?"


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*Rick would hear the previous transmission, pushing the PTT. A jittery, timid voice would come through*

"Hey man, we got some of those bullets, but I can't see a black dress as far as I can see, man,"

*Faint scratching would be heard before the PTT is released*

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