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Concerning former whitelisted members

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A friend of mine who was whitelisted shortly after myself a few months ago, and capable of playing with me (he joined, along with me, when the TP was still on the coast by Cherno, and then a few weeks later, moved) but when he attempted to connect this time around, he was told he wasn't whitelisted. Is this an error or was he removed from the server intentionally? His name in game was Sydney, I believe, though I'm not entirely certain on the spelling at this precise moment.

I apologize for any inconvenience concerning this.

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Ask him to try to log on the forums. Did he post, also?

We delete inactive forum accounts. If he doesn't have his account, he'll have to create a new one and re-do the whitelisting process.

Happened to me :D

Sorry for the inconvenience

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