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S1 - GM RDM 2019-02-03 ~7:00

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That's enough back and forth. Please refrain from posting unless you have something new to add or are directly asked to by a member of staff. Any further unnecessary posts may be met with points.

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@Rosalina0Luma | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | Guilty



To shortly summarize the situation New Moon is at Green Mountain. A firefight breaks out around the compound, New Moon eliminates the threat outside the compound. They then return inside the compound to where there are others that have gather there for safety. Some of the New Moon members were roleplaying with the people in compound after the firefight prior when New Moon started to ask people who are inside the compound to not have their weapons in their hands. After some people didn't put their guns away they asked again, causing the person to get hostile with New Moon. They were asked to leave, the accused then raised their weapon at the people on the roof before going into the prison building aiming their gun at the New Moon member eventually gunning them down.


@Rosalina0Luma Here you had an invalid kill on @Dusty. You were not granted defense rights with anything that was said to you, since there was no initiation from them. When they asked you to put your weapon away they were just asking, you decided to be hostile back towards them and they demanded it again using a different wording than before. Even with the language that they used that doesn't grant you defense rights. You proceeded to become more hostile with the members of New Moon, after they repeatedly asked you to put your gun on your back and leave. You then raised your gun at them being very hostile and then proceeded to walk into the prison building aiming your gun at @Dusty as he was walking backwards. You then gun him down with no initiation from you at all. You are then killed by @Viking who gained defense rights once you opened fire killing @Dusty.


The reasoning behind this outcome is because of two rules here:

  • 4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.
  • 4.2 When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on.
    • If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.

Here in Rule 4.1 it talks about how initiations and hostile actions must be made clear. New Moon was not initiating on you, what was said was very clear that they were just asking you to do a very simple task. The entire time throughout the situation they were asking you a simple demand that wasn't threatening your life. Moving onto Rule 4.2 first bullet this talks about how someone can gain defense rights. Here it states that if you are "the one that is being initiated on or are subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke" then you would gain defense rights. As shown in the video evidence provided you can see that there was no initiation on you and there was no other hostile actions that were directed towards you that threatened your life, meaning you did not gain defense rights.


I would like to make a few suggestions before I close out. Firstly, @Rosalina0Luma I would like to suggest that in situations like this where you start to get hostile with the others, just be prepared for what they are going to say back to you; they might start to become hostile towards you. Then when it comes to initiations, I would suggest that you initiate on people before you kill them just to confirm that it will be a valid kill if they don't comply with your demands. If you initiated on @Dusty and he didn't comply this would be a valid kill since there was no initiation on your part this is considered an invalid kill. I hope these suggestions will help in the future.



@Rosalina0Luma | Invalid Kill - Roleplayed | Guilty - 3 Day Ban and 10 Warning Points


Signed By: @RandyRP, @lukaszxe@Zillyand @Samti

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