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RP1 S1

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So, here is a new dilemma.

Currently, there are always at least two servers up and running at once, however.

Myself and a friend can ONLY join RP1 S2, and not S1.

Here is the problem, trying to join S1 just gives us the "wrong password" message, which is heavily annoying.

Currently that's the only server which is not full too, so.

I would like to see that the problem to connect with RP1 S1 is fixed quiet soon, as this is irritating.

Or perhaps always have 3 servers running at once?

And to clarify, the attempted connection is made with the DayZRP launcher, so why does it work with all the other servers and not S1?

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Don't always need S3 on, during the week S1 and S2 aren't even full between them, S3 and then S4 are only turned on when the others are full or for events or things like that.

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You can still connect to S1 if you do it manually.

Just press S1 on the launcher, go to the main menu if the "wrong password" message pops, then multiplayer -> remote -> put in IP and port for the server you want to join, and then the password.

That's the way to do it until it's fixed.

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