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DayZRP Screenshot of the Month Contest!




Theme: Valentines/Love

To qualify for this month's contest, you must submit a screenshot that has something to do with valentines or love.

If there are enough entries and people show enough interest, the screenshot of the month contest will stay a regular thing.



We ask community members to send in their best screenshot matching the theme.

Community members are asked to submit their screenshots on this thread until the 8th, at which point submissions will be closed. You have 1 week to submit a screenshot. The voting thread will open on the 9th February and will close on the 16th. Here community members can vote for their favourite screenshot, voting on yourself will not be counted of course. 

We ask that people only submit one entry. Only your first picture will count if you submit more than one. Snip the previous or edit your post to change your entry.

If you have any suggestions for a theme or suggestions for improvement, please post it on the thread as well as we are always looking to improve any future editions.


Editing of screenshots is allowed this month.


We are looking forward to all of your submissions!

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4 minutes ago, DrMax said:

Theme: Valentines/Love

@Mak Send in the thots of Kozlov

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The Kozlov Thots


Edited by Mak

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16 minutes ago, Spartan said:

Does this count?


I raise you this.



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