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Character Biography Critique

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I missed Saturday's Whitelist, so I figure that given this extra time I might as well use it to polish my application. I'd love a bit of critique if you'd be so kind to do so.


In-Game Name: Jasper Perilloux

Age: My in-real-life age is eighteen, Jasper's age is thirty.

Character Background:

Born into the middle-class family of a Southern Lousianan college professor on May 30th, 1983, the adolescent days of Jasper's upbringing predictably coaxed him into a life of pamper and luxury. The young Cajun lived with little exposure, nor any reason to seek such exposure to the things that existed beyond the closed walls of his bedroom, livingroom, and kitchen. Groomed in his education by his loving but distant father, and intructed as to what he would know of the world from the foot of his porch, by the day he had grown into a man he held little command of the realities that life had in store for the ignorant. Nevertheless he merely attended school, sheltered and protected, his eyes always set high in the trees, flicking from bird to bird, wondering where the next avian might appear from behind bushy May leaves or crunchy October decay. This mere interest eventually evolved into a fascination, perhaps even an obsession, leading him into a life of Zoology, particularly Ornithology, the study of birds and Avian species.

Leaving the lavish halls of his father's university proved more difficult for him than it should have, he was aware of this, though his self-pity was quickly shoved aside as he basked in his newfound freedom, absent authority, free to do as he pleased, and he was very well within the means to do so. It wasn't long before Jasper began fawning over the idea of he himself discovering and claiming an undiscovered specimen, and for eight years thereafter Jasper began his journey to a multitude of countries in search of that one special breed: the animal that would make his career.

Unfortunately for Jasper that discovery never came. In fact, after making a number of in-the-moment trips to Botswana, Brazil, Somalia, French New Guinea, Haiti, Southern Mongolia, and many more other nations, debt was the only thing he had managed to gather. To his benefit, in the eight years spent abroad the Cajun had allowed himself to soak in the many peoples and cultures of the world, whittling his people skills away from his dirty Lousianan, Cajun-French accent, into a sharpened tool of persuasion and deceit. A crooked, toothy smile soon became the most effective weapon in the aspiring Zoologist's arsenal.

Before long, despite his accumulating debt, Jasper Perilloux found himself on a plane to the little known Providence of Cherno-Russia. While he was very aware of the political turmoil almost literally ripping the area in two, the prospect of finding the Kubi-Bop Ibis, an almost mythical creature in the Southern bird-seeker's eyes, did wonders in shoving each and every worry out of sight, out of mind. Even as the world began tumbling down around him, those filled with life falling and the dead shuffling past as to take their place, it came in a way where Jasper had barely seemed to notice: he adjusted well, learned to pop a revolver in the right direction, and set out every day in the ritual that was Perilloux, in search of a bird he might very well never find. He continues to this day, scowering the lands, still learning where this life might take him.

-- Small sidenote. Jasper suffers from a mild case of Hemophelia and can become violently ill, bleed terribly fast, and is particularly reliant on a select number of drugs in order to keep him healthy. I figure this will do well in creating a roleplay drive for the character beyond just looking for some bird. It could also branch out into a later development of medical skills, brought on by the fact that he is both a PhD educated Zoologist and sufferer of a particularly vile disease for the situation the world is in.

About Yourself: I've spent a few good years roleplaying, since I was at least 13 if I can recall correctly. I've explored plenty of different facets for it, written text-based, ingame, live-action, pretty much any and all but the specific persuasion you guys seem to be offering. Spoken-ingame? I must admit it seems terribly interesting. I've served as a roleplay administrator on the Facepunch server of SS13, a sort of side-scroller sci-fi Game, and am a pretty avid lover of history, zombies, and a vast myriad of other subjects. I've also served as a host and coordinator for the roleplay towns of Red Sands and West Carova in Star Wars galaxies, along with a couple of different minor things here and there.

Thanks for your time, merci.

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Guest Alfie

I think there is a thread to post this kind of stuff on.

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If so, I do apologize. If there is I'm unaware of it, as I can't find it.

The stickied "Character Biographies" thread is for three-word descriptions of characters, if that's what you're referring to.

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