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DayZRP rule changes - January 2019

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29 minutes ago, Roland said:

What gave you that idea?

I misread Rule 4.2 ... I was thinking too much into it yesterday...

I will continue to use this analogy (spoiler)... It makes the most sense. That's how I always saw dynamic rules. Correct me if I am wrong.

On 1/21/2019 at 11:11 PM, CamoRP said:

This is a very good question. 

I would think dynamic group rules would only apply to the individuals who have an immediate relationship or history with someone.

For example, John and Billy are in a group. John goes off traveling and meets Phil. They decide to be traveling companions. Phil is held up by highwaymen on the road, while John is looting a house nearby. John hears the initiation, and sees Phil with his hands raised and guns pointed at him. John radios in Billy to tell him, that his traveling companion is being held up. Billy is 2km away and hauls ass to make it over to John to assist him in the rescue of Phil. Unfortunately, Billy can not intervene as he must first initiate on the highwaymen before continuing any hostilities.  However, John may intervene as he has a dynamic connection with Phil, as a traveling companion. John does not need to initiate. John may gun the highwaymen down on-sight (KOS).

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here...

Honestly, when it comes down to it... When killing another player, it needs to make roleplay sense.

Why would Billy give a shit what happens to Phil? It's John's traveling companion, not Billy's.

To add on, if it's okay for Billy to intervene without initiating. Then I think the staff would need to revise the rules for official groups. Because it would turn into a clusterfuck, really quick. I could only agree with the concept, in your scenario, that official groups may share defensive-rights, with individuals or those they are allied with, but not attacker rights. But even then, that could be tricky.



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I dig it. Good work for the most part big boss

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