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To the thief [Open Broadcast]

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The sound of heavy wind filtering through broken windows could be heard, the outside weather muffled, though not quite as muted as one might hope when taking shelter. The transmission remained dead for a moment or two before the soft, southern tenor came on the waves.

"To the person who stole my leather...I hope you needed it. You took nearly fifty pounds of half-cured and honestly fairly thin hides that still needed time to soak to properly tan and aren't suitable for anything shy of...Drying and putting on a wall? Maybe? You dumped my tannin liqueur, meaning I'll have to start on that again, and you just humped it through the woods with enough material that I could have truly started to work on making something again."

He paused, sighed, and the sound of shifted seemed to denote a shaking of his head.

"Goat pelts are not the best fodder for drying. Even sheep is better, honestly. I got those out of convenience after a bit of hunting for food, with the people I was there with being gracious enough to bring back the skins so I could work on starting something up. Even for something thin like goat hide though, unless you're going to continue the process, it's not going to do you very much good. I was even using first batch liqueur but they'd barely been in there a few days, man. You try to craft anything from that and, at best, it's going to look atrocious and maybe provide a bit of warmth. At worst it's going to be ready to fall off of you and not stand up to any kind of actual tailoring you could do with it."

"I don't know if you just saw something you thought was valuable and stole it, or if maybe you're some leather savant and know exactly how long in the process it was and wanted to save yourself some trouble, but...Well, I hope you needed it. I hope lugging fifty dry pounds of half-tanned, soaking wet goat skin in the middle of winter helped you to survive another day. I dismantled my tannery and I'm going to be moving it since obviously where I had it is compromised, but I want you to know you stopped me from being able to help a lot of people with the tail end of this cold weather. I can't imagine a use for everything I had in there in the state it was in, or why it would even be appealing."

Another pause came with an audible thump of the speaker shifting, a weary sigh echoed in the background.

"Stay safe everyone, and bundle up. I had been hoping to surprise people by getting back into business through the proper channels and trying to keep them warm, but I guess I'll have to try again somewhere else. If nothing else I'll have some decent travel gear ready come spring. Hopefully."

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*Ford presses his PTT button and his raspy voice comes softly over the airwaves*

"I'm at my hunting tower Wolfsbane. I haven't seen anyo..*coughs harshly* "Damn that hurt...I haven't seen anyone out this way, so either they went by the road, or headed west. I'd like to talk to you about an option....*Transmission garbles* "And maybe we can finally catch this ....*Transmission cuts out again*

"Meet me at my shack, if you want to discuss this further."

*Transmission cuts out completely*

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Standing atop the watchtower, Will looks over the ocean, wondering if life is as bad beyond it.  Subconsciously, he's clicking through frequences when he hears the communication.

Smiling, he presses the PTT button.

And another yet falls to senseless robbery. 

Will start humming in the PTT,  the tune of Ring around the Rosie.

Here all is well... my residents are rowdy, but what do you expect out of prisoners?  Should you find the culprit, bring him to me, and we shall find a good home fom him among the locals...should he survive the trip, of course...

Will barks out a laugh which slowly turns into a mad cackle.


The transmission cuts out.

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*Bobby would pick up his radio*

"Sounds like you got theif problem"

"Name's Bobby, Contact me if you need help with this from me and my hunters."

*Bobby Hangs up*

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