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Same Church, New Pope [Open Frequency]

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*Takes a deep breath and presses the PTT*

"This is Fr Mickey McGee of the Irish Catholic Church of Chernarus."

"I am broadcasting this message to all who are trying to reunite with their faith or who want to grow their faith in an attempt to revive the Church."

"I will now be taking on the responsibility of the Pope. I have spoken to God and he has chosen me."

"My first action as of being the Pope is to change a few rules. One I will mention is that priests and clergy will be allowed to marry."

"All previous priests will have to undergo new training under my wing."

"As many old priests have abused their power and betrayed the trust of the people."

"I will be hosting Christenings, Communions, Mass and Weddings around the country."

"So don't forget to call for me if in need of anything regarding that."

"I will be taking some people of Pure Faith to train if they so wish."

"If you believe you are of Pure Faith seek me."

"People of the Catholic Church will be guarded by the light of God and all the Saints."

"There is currently a situation with a group of sinners called The Demons or something."

"Do not follow these men, they will lead you to your death and sell your soul to the devil."

"If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I will be on this frequency often."

"This has been Pope McGee and don't forget to let the light shine down upon you."

"Peace be with you all."

*With that he releases the PTT*

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*Brandon presses down on the PTT, his New York Italian accent booms through the radio.*

"An Irish pope? Vaffanculo.. Now I've seen everything.. Congratulations I guess from your friendly neighborhood Italian..?"

*Terrano releases his PTT, he'd say to himself,*

"Fuckin' loony toon..."

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*Dr. M hits the PTT*

"I'm not one for religion. But I support your decision."
"If you are in need of any medical assistance while you are pope."
"Please do not hesitate to ask for my services."

*Dr. M releases the PTT*

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*Finlay stops dead in his tracks, slings his rifle and un-clips his radio from his belt.*

*He slowly lifts it to his mouth and speaks into it with a coarse and raspy voice*


"This Father Finlay Lochlan... An emissary of the Catholic Church of Scotland."

"My brother, I speak to you with love and good will, but I am afraid I cannot support such a claim."

"There is only one holy father and he resides within Rome."

"I believe it is not your place to declare such rule changes without a vote from a party of clergy members."

*He releases the PTT and takes a breath before continuing to speak.*

"While i do not support your claims...."

 "I do, however, support the notion of establishing a foothold for the Catholic church here In Chernarus during such dark times."

"I will pray for you during my travels, and hope that you will consider what I have said."

*The radio falls silent*

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*the old priest scratches his beard, confused. He sits down on a frozen tree stump, removes his gloves and hastily grabs his transmitter*

-his tone is severe, serious-

"Greetings, it's the Preacher. First I would like to welcome you again in this land; Chernarus is a cold place today, but the fire of the Lord burns bright and hot in His children's hearts. However, I have a warning to issue, and I will issue this warning but once, for I believe you are reasonable man: do not presume to usurp the authority of the Holy See so easily, the Vatican still stands and so does His Holiness. We are its sworn guardians, and if we are to renounce it so soon, we are already lost. Have faith brother, do not let the temptation of power sway you from the path of righteousness, for you, more than the common man, knows that reckoning is at hand, and our Lord's Justice is swift. We answer to the same God, let's not waste this opportunity, for three holy men being in South Zagoria at the same time has never happened before. *he laughs, he sounds more relaxed* We should meet at once, for we have much to discuss; this offer also extends to you, Father Lochlan, a congress must be held, and I wish for all three of us to be there. I will reach out to you on this frequency with a safe set of frequencies for us to jump through. Stay safe out there, God is with you."

*he takes out a small notebook from behind his belt, goes through a few pages and then start reading out loud*

-his tone is serene, focused-

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

*the broadcast cuts for a second, the old man taken aback by a violent coughing fit*

Let us pray.
Holy patron, St. Dismas,
I offer to God my prayers and sacrifices this day, in union with my brothers,
for the good of our brotherhood, and for all our intentions.
Pray that we who place ourselves under your patronage may obtain the grace of conversion from sin,
growth in holiness, and perseverance in grace.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host
-by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

*the broadcast ends*


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*McGee presses his PTT*

My brothers I do see where you are coming from.

But I assure you. I have seen the holy spirit.

Even Saint Patrick himself.

I am not asking for you guys to accept me as the Pope.

I just think this is the time for change.

I was guided here to teach the people the word of God.

I do agree a congress must be held.

There is something we must agree on though.

And that is that the Demons must be stopped before they plague the youths.

I myself am 21 years of age and you may think I have no right to preach these things.

But I am only doing what I was told to do by the higher powers, which is the Holy Spirit.

The Spirits and Saint Patrick visit me frequently to update me on my mission. 

They guide me... they saved me...

                                                          *He clears his throat*

I thank you my brothers for your input and hope to set up this congress soon.

*McGee releases the PTT and continues to read his handwritten Bible*

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*A muffled and unidentifiable voice comes over the radio*

"Watch out for those communists also."

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*Finlay would be by his campfire by the time the second voice chimes in, gently stoking the flames as he listens to the man's words.*

*A hopeful smile breaks through his otherwise doleful visage upon the mention of a meeting.*

*He closes his eyes and leans against the tree to his back as he joins the man in prayer, before lifting his radio once more and speaking through it*

"Amen, Father."

"It brings me great Joy to hear the lords prayer escape the lips of someone other than myself. Truly it does."

"Your mention of a meeting between us all is a marvellous idea, and I look forward to hearing further details of it."

*He pauses for brief moment before breaking the static once more.*

"My prayers and thoughts are with you both. Praise god."

*The Radio falls silent*

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*Clyde lays down his bible and picks up the radio*

”Oh really now?”

”We’ll, this is the leader of the “sinners” you speak of, and lemme tell you something. Speak bad about OUR NAME one more fucking time and I will personally sacrifice you and everyone who follows you with the fucking cross you pray to.”

”You have been warned Mr. Pope.”

”Do NOT force me to do something I honestly do not wish to do.”

”Clyde lays the radio down and continues with his satanic prayer”


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*A muffled unrecognizable and voice filled with static comes over the radio*

"I know it's 2019, the world is on the brink of falling apart, and all, but is it really necessary to be sacrificing people for things said over a radio?"

*The voice disappears*

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*Clyde hears a response and begins speaking*

”You may be right, but me and boys name will NOT be spoken bad about by someone we have never met”

”These men are going off rumors alone, and I will not have it. I told them not to do it again, let’s just hope they don’t”

*Clyde releases the PTT*

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*The old mans eyes light up*

"Fr Mickey McGee it is fantastic to hear from you."

"People what he says is true, I have seen first hand the fate this man has returned to this land."

"I applaud you for devoting yourself to give people hope."

"If you ever need help building a church, John Johnson Construction will be happy to help."

"To the man claiming to be the leader of the "sinners", learn from the previous leaders mistakes."

*He releases his ptt before laying down to sleep*

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"There is only one God that resides in the Church of Novy Sobor and that God do not come from the Vatican.

We may be no longer in the public eye but speak more with your heretic tongue and you will only paint a bigger target on your back when we recognise your voice.

Do not parade your false idols around. Final warning on grace from my lord. "

-the man gently presses his lips to a pendant, uponwhich lies an engraving in the shape of a "M" before lowering his radio-

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*Luke presses the PTT button on his radio*

You say if we have questions, we should ask so I'll go ahead and do that. You say you saw God, you spoke to him. May I ask you why is God doing all this? This infection that has hit the world, what does God have to do with it? I am sure as a man of faith you must believe that this is all situation we find ourselves in, must have some sort of meaning.

Well if you really are the New Pope, as you so claim, then tell us why did God put this curse upon us? I'm quite intrigued to see what you come up with.

*transmission ends as Luke releases the PTT button*

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The sound of a crackling fire could be heard as a transmission cut in, the speaker possessing a soft tenor and beginning with what seemed to be a Latin prayer.

"Domine Iesu, dimitte nobis debita nostra, salva nos ab igne inferiori, perduc in caelum omnes animas, praesertim eas, quae misericordiae, tuae maxime indigent."



English translation: "Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy." Known as Fatima or The Fatima Prayer to those who would understand it.

After a moment the man began to speak in English, his accent obviously from the American south.

"Religion can divide men as easily as it can bring them together. I hope that any issues you have with other religions in the area can be resolved peacefully in the future and through understanding. Take care, and bundle up, all of you."

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*McGee presses his PTT*

To answer your question, I believe God has placed this "curse" on us so we can have an attempt at a fresh start.

This is an opportunity to make the world better than before. The world was in a bad state. People taking advantage of others for money. People no longer being grateful of what they had. We just have to push through this state of distress and come out on top. It is only temporary I promise you.

This is what I believe to be the reasoning.

God's word is a mystery and that is what makes it glorious. I do apologize if you are not satisfied with my answer but hopefully you can think on it. After all it is a learning process my friend. 


Now to the Leader of the Demons. I do ask of you to attend Confession. You need to atone for these threats and sins. You may not threaten the holy people who abide by God. They have done nothing wrong. I pray to God for you to open up your heart to him. It is wonderful.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

*McGee releases the PTT and finishes blessing the baptismal pond*

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*Clyde hears the response and picks the radio up*

”You are right father, I have done some devilish things and made enemies that have done nothing to me. Pleas father help me.”

”Where should go to confess the sins and rid my self of the devil inside me”

*Clyde throws satanic bible out the window and lays radio down*

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*McGee happy to hear his plea picks up PTT*

Child of the Devil. If you truly wish to seek atonement, embrace God's pressence and he will guide you to me, where I can purify you.

*Releases PTT*


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*Bucky could hear a familiar voice talking on the radio and picks up his PTT*

"Ah, my good friend Mickey! Or should I say, Pope McGee *Bucky would chuckle* I'm proud of hearing you'll be the Pope man, you've always helped me get rid of my sins and make me a better man in this shit place. Mickey is a great man and a wonderful Pope, I can vouch for it. I hope to see the Church soon so I can visit and see you cleanse out the evil in the land."

*Bucky would pause for a moment before pressing down on his PTT*

"And too whoever that demon worshipping little fucktard talking a bunch of weird ass satanic bullshit can shut up. You touch my boy Mickey, I'll make sure to baptize you, but you won't be coming back up too breathe fresh air again."

*Bucky would shut off the PTT and light up a cigar*

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*Clyde picks up the radio and begins speaking*

”Swing your dick else where pal”

”I warned the pope to not slander me and my boys names. If he doesn’t and our name never comes out of his mouth ever again, he will be able to worship his fairy god in peace”

*Clyde releases the PTT and lays the radio down*

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*Bucky would finish his cigar before pressing the PTT*

"Well isn't it demon boy himself. I mean I wouldn't say swinging my dick, but if your gonna make threats to my friend, of course, I'm gonna call you out and tell you, you won't do shit. Now I'm 90% sure that most of the people left in this country think you are a joke. I mean you go around recruiting "demons".

 *Bucky would laugh* 

"All I'm saying is if you mess with my boy Mickey were gonna have problems."

*Bucky would shutoff the PTT and take off his gear to get ready to fall asleep in the cabin*

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*Tomas sits curled up in a derelict house, shivering from the cold while sitting out a snowstorm, he mulls over the self-proclaimed Pope's broadcast before speaking into his radio in a hushed tone and a thick Chernarussian accent*      

"Mr... uh... Pope man, what happens w-when someone takes their own life?" 

*He lets go of the PTT, puts the radio on the ground beside him and stares at the faded picture clutched in his other hand, there are two people in the picture, a woman and her daughter*

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*Clyde picks up the radio and begins speaking*

”Your putting your friend in a situation I promise you don’t want him in.”

”You have been wanted”

*Clyde lays the radio down*


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*McGee presses PTT*

When someone takes their own life it is indeed a tragic thing but nonetheless still a sin. BUT they still have time before they wander in the afterlife to make amends.

They can still find their way for they are just people who have been hurt. They will always have a slot in Heaven.

*his voice changes to a pissed off tone*

Young Demon you have lied to me and threatened my dear friend for just sticking up for me. It is you who needs to watch your back. I promise you this... Do not seek me for it is I who will find you...

*Releases PTT*

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- User was cautioned for this post -

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