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Sgt Dro

Sgt Don Dro, USMC

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Sgt Don Dro was born and raised in Yonkers New York on October 27, 1979 to James and Joan Dro. Don was always an active child dedicating most time to sports and always had the dream to join the military while play war games with his best friends Liam and Brian.

During high school, Don who always thought of himself to possess higher than average intelligence but never fully applied himself to his schoolwork, always doing the bare minimum to pass even though he could easily ace any test with little to no studying.

Don slowly drifted away from his military dreams, falling in with the wrong crowd and finding himself on the on the wrong side of the law on many occasions. He never did anything to be considered a bad person but, this resulted in his mother drawing herself away from him and his father having to try to play go between with them.

After Don did some soul searching he realized that his friends didn’t have his best interests in mind and made the choice to go back to college. Don spent all his time studying Criminal Justice, and working part time at a garage fixing up cars to help pay for his tuition.

Then terrorists attacked the US and Dons dream of joining the military came full circle. Don seen this as a way to fix all that was wrong by getting away from bad influences, getting a hand to pay for college, maybe make his parents proud, and living his dream serving his country. If Don was going to join any service it had to be nothing but the best, the United States Marines.

Within a month of signing up, Don was shipped to Parris Island to begin recruit training. There Don was put to the test both physically and mentally. Throughout recruit training Don was always pushed harder than the other recruits due to his wiry frame, and his calm quiet demeanor. But even tho Recruit Dro wasnt the fastest or strongest, he had two advantages over the other recruits. Those advantages were being much older than most of the recruits, which Recruit Dro used to always keep a level head even when faced with the most daunting challenges. Three of those challenges were his Drill Instructors. These men took their training very seriously and when things got them upset Recruit Dro seemed like a good option to take their anger out on.

The second trait that separated him from the rest of the platoon was his drive to succeed. There was no turning back for him, it was do or die and he refused to fail himself and his family any longer, he had to become a Marine. When Don was three weeks away from completing the three month long boot camp he became sick and risked becoming dropped from training but Don refused to just sit back and strive for bare minimum any longer, he had a dream and refused to let it eluded him any longer. Fighting Bi-Lateral phenomena that would put any other man down and out for the count Don pushed ahead and refused to quit. He refused to even acknowledge anything was wrong with him during daily PT or drill for fear that he would be dropped back to another platoon to finish training at another time or kicked out entirely.

Then one day the platoon went to visit medical due to fifty percent of the platoon being sick due to rough condition forced upon them. Recruit Dro did his best to lie saying he wasn't sick, but the x-rays don't lie and Don was told he could die if not treated and that at that time he would be forced into a holding platoon and would not graduate with his peers in three weeks. This devastated him but he knew in his heart he was born to be a Marine and every day pushed himself to get back into fighting shape after losing twenty pounds in two weeks due to almost deathly encounter.

While in the holding platoon he would be bunked with recruits who chose to give up and were waiting for separation, and this drove him nuts. Why does he have to be in the same vicinity with these quitters, those that gave up when their country needed them the most.

Recruit Dro finally got the talk that he had been hoping for, finally after three weeks in the holding platoon he was going back to training. He was told he would have to start at day one due to no other platoon being close to where he was when he was dropped, but that didn't phase him he now had his shot again and he would not fail.

Then the proudest day of his life happened after six months of pain, suffering, blood, sweat, and tears recruit Dro earned the title of United States Marine. Through all the pain both physically and mentally Don was proud no longer be known as Don but as a Marine. His parents even flew all the way from New York to see their son become a true man. Never in his life had he seen his father with tears in his eyes due to how proud he was, and for the first time in a long time his mother hugged him then looking into his eyes, crying and smiling she said to him "I love you and I am so proud of you".

Sgt Dro spent many years tuning his body and mind, earning praise for leading his Marines thru multiple deployments while serving under the 7242 Marine occupational specialty. Sgt Dro earned numerous personal awards such as two Navy and Marine Corps achievement medals, Combat action ribbon and earning the rank of Cpl and Sgt meritorisly while serving his country during multiple wars.

Sgt Dro set himself apart from the rest of the other Sgt's that he knew. He was never one to anger easily and rarely yelled at his Marines to force discipline on them. Instead he took a different approach and earned the Marines trust and respect. This was looked apon by a some of the other leaders as a sign of weakness, but mostly due out of jealousy that Sgt Dro commanded the Marines and they would rather follow him anywhere then their own leaders. If there ever was a time that Sgt Dro wasn't vocal enough to always yell, he would explain that it is better to commend in public and admonish in private because you want the Marines to feel important and if they messed up you didn't want to lose their respect by making them look bad in front of others.

A few times he had to prove a point to others when his leadership style was challenged, after all this was the Marine Corps an organization full of alpha males. So like a good alpha male in a wolf pack sometimes violence was necessary. The look on others faces when this wiry but cut up Marine taking off his blouse to take on those challengers always drew attention due to the fact that his Marines were about to get a show. What most didn't know until it was too late and his Red tab Black Marine Corps martial arts belt was made clear to all when debloused and stretching out getting ready to fight, that's where most backed out saying they don't need to prove anything. Now for the others who still charged wildly thinking they could own Sgt Dro soon woke up surrounded by Marines in shock and awe just how fast Sgt Dro could take someone out with a choke or jab.

While on his latest deployment Sgt Dro was attached to the HSVT with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). Sgt Dro and his unit fought bravely in Chernarus, but after word of brazen attacks on United States Military personnel after the capture of enemy high value targets, the order was issued to the Marines to pull back to the ships and await further orders. While on the HSVT reports of individuals getting sick with symptoms of rabies sent shockwaves thru the ranks as Marines pondered the idea that chemical weapons might have been used against US forces and that the higher ups never made the Marines aware of this threat.

Two days ago while Sgt Dro was trying to get sleep, he was startled awake by sounds of screams and gun shots. As he tried to get his eyes to focus and see what was happening around him Cpl Savage started to call out to him telling him that he had already ordered the Marines to set up a perimeter and lock down the holding area. Sgt Dro coming to, ordered a sitrep on what was going on above deck and was told by Cpl Savage that "Patients had started to attack crewmembers and were unresponsive when ordered to halt resulting in the first shots being fired. Then all went to hell when the only chatter being heard over comms was that of screams and strange unintelligible moaning noises".

Sgt Dro got a head count and ordered the Marines to make their way topside. Along the way Sgt Dro ran into his first infected when PFC Johnson came across a Navy Corpsman squatting down doing what looked like CPR on a fallen Marine. When Sgt Dro ran up to see what was going on, he called out to the doc but no response was give. Slowly the doc turned around and Sgt Dro knew that this was a bad situation, for the doc had blood dripping from his mouth and what looked like a chewed up arm in his hand. Gurgling and hissing the doc slowly started to stand up making his way toward Sgt Dro and his Marines. Sgt Dro ordered the corpsman to stop. Nothing, the doc kept moving slowly towards them. Then the doc hissed loudly and started to charge. Without warning PFC Johnson took a shot center mass on the doc, but the doc kept coming a second shot was fired by another Marine closest to the doc. That shot impacted center mass also but taking no effect. That Marine fell while stumbling backwards in shock of how the hell these shots were doing nothing.

Just then Sgt Dro ordered all Marines to open fire. In a hail of gun fire the doc kept going until a single shot hit him in the temple. Everyone was in shock and disbelief, what the hell was going on? Why was he able to take all those shots? Why the fuck was he eating a Marine!?!

Sgt Dro told everyone to snap back to reality and man the fuck up cause they need to make their way to the Commanding Officer and the SgtMaj and figure out what the hell was going on. On the surface he was calm and collected telling everyone the doc must have been high on some combat stimms or maybe some painkillers but in his head he was scared knowing full well that this was some crazy stuff out of the movies but how, this is real life?

Slowly the Sgt Dro and his Marines made their way to where the CO and SgtMaj were last reported but no sight of the command the only thing these Marines seen was death and destruction, with multiple “infected” having to be put down. That’s when they came across a group of approximately twenty infected, and knowing full well that their ammo was running low Sgt Dro ordered his men to make their way to the deck to see if they can find a helo to get off the ship or at least good radio signal to call in support from other Units in the area. As they were extracting towards the top deck using cover and buddy rushing, a Marine knocked over a fire extinguisher in the hall and all of the infected that were there turned and started to charge Sgt Dro and his men. Sgt Dro ordered tactical fire as the Marines conducted buddy rushes to the top side and this is when Sgt Dro seen the first of his men fall.

He saw as his Marine LCPL Maddux fell after emptying out his Mossberg 590 shotgun, only to be pounced on by three infected. Sgt Dro with a heavy heart raised his weapon and fired a single shot to LCPL Maddux’s head. That young Marines body went from convulsing and screaming due to the infected tearing him apart, to limp and silent. Once all Marines were thru the walkway and landing topside Sgt Dro said a quick word for LCPL Maddux and took off running for the door.

Once topside Sgt Dro tightened the hatch door hoping to contain the infected below deck praying that he wasn’t also issuing a death sentence for any survivors below deck. But it needed to be done and once locked; he turned around to a nightmare scene. Pitch black night filled by raging fires in all directions in the distance as other ships were ablaze on their decks. Off in the distance he could see that on other ships of the MEU engulfed in flames silhouettes of people moving, making their way top decks possibly with the same survival instincts as he had. AT his twelve o'clock he saw some survivors forced to jump to their deaths from an aircraft carrier rather than be ripped apart by these monstrosities.

But there were no helos or anyone else there to help oh the flight deck, quite the opposite. Infected and bodies were littering the deck but due to the Marines making no sudden movements their presence want not made aware yet to the infected. Sgt Dro ordered the platoon radioman PFC Williams to get on the net and try to get a hold of someone anyone to try to get an evac for his men.

Then out of nowhere a Marine with Sgt Dro started attacking one of their own and the gun shots from the Marine being attacked rang out for all to hear like a dinner bell at a buffet. “I’m sorry Sgt he bit me, the fucker bit me, he was one of them what the hell is going on?”

Sgt Dro turned to see the limp body of Cpl Terry and for the first time he seen what the infected looked like and it scared him shitless. How did a person, one of his Marines, one of his friends turn into this. But there was no time to grieve, cause The Marines were all now in peril due to the sound of the gun shot.

The Marines ran to the side of the deck looking for a way off the boat all the while the radio operator tried going out to contact anyone for help. Knowing full well jumping off was a last resort knowing that the fall could kill them and if that didn’t the icy water and heavy gear would.

At last a small vessel was left on the side but with room to fit only half, but that was the least of their concerns for the infected were making their way to them from all directions and with their only remaining way to go was off the side of the ship. Marines started to lower the vessel into the water as the other provided cover fire. One by one Sgt Dro would hear the Marines yell “last mag” or “all out”. The boat was slowly making its way down the side of the HSVT but there would not be enough time for it to be free and in the water before the horde was on top of them like flies on shit.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, a sound of a helo was heard over head. Trying to locate lights on the bird with the pitch black and smoke rising everywhere around them proved to be nearly impossible, but just then one of the Marines yelled “Osprey at nine o’clock!, its coming this way Sgt! They must of heard the request for help on the net”, hope was restored to the men and jubilant cheers erupted. With the horde still coming the bird had a funny way of making a surprise entrance.

But something wasn’t right, “what the hell, did someone just fall out?” followed by Sgt Dro yelling “GET DOW…” just as the osprey smashed into the deck. All sound went out and all Sgt Dro seen was a flash, followed by the sensation of flying thru the air off the side of the HSVT...

Awakened by the sun shining on his face, Sgt Dro slowly opened his eyes looking around and realizing he was no longer on the HSVT but on a beach. How did I get here? And where are my men? And what the fuck is going on!?!

Would like any helpful feedback thanks guys, hopefully I can get in on the next whitelist. Last one rejected due to admin not sure if I fully understood the rules in their opinion. But I don't fault them after all they made this beautiful and chaotic mess known as dayzrp that we all love.

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Just to add to how Sgt Dro thinks, my MOS (Marine occupational specialty) is 7242 which is not a grunt job. 7242s are apart of the air wing which is responsible for getting forces on the ground air support in the form of close air support and medivacs. Even though they are apart of the air wing, their job is critical to make sure the MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) is working in harmony combining the boots on deck with the air they need, they always are apart of the first wave ashore whenever hostilities breakout.

So even though he shoots experts on ranges and knows weapon/vehicle systems. He was only in small skirmishes and never "in the shit" like you see in movies and such. So he isn't Mr Tough guy badass that can do everything or a MacGyver/bear grills knockoff. He is a Marine who wanted to serve his country and make a difference.

So he wont have a Capt America complex, he is just a normal guy that is just trying to survive like everyone else.

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