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Vehicle item slots

Add free slots left indicator to vehicles  

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My suggestion is that maybe you could add an indicator of how many slots you have left in the gear of you vehicle when you check it, because i cant even count the times that i have accidentally deleted items by adding them to a full vehicle.

Just 3 days ago i lost a FN FAL /w Night Scope to a full motorcycle(10 slots), had i known if had such little room i would not have tried putting it in ofc.

I'm pretty sure i cant be the only one who lost some valuables due to not knowing how many slots you have left.

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Will be added in DayZ 1.7.7

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Oh, excuse me for my ignorance, never bothered to check the original DayZ mod (i mean who plays that shit, DayzRP all the way). Thanks for the quik response.

And pls tell me that u will add this aswell: Clear Ground around crash sites added but disabled by default, server admins can enable. (http://i.imgur.com/uVDfGym.jpg)

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God no, the grass makes it so people actually have to search a bit.

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