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Server time (UTC): 2019-07-22, 08:45
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S1 US - Baiting/badrp - 14/01/2019

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Server and location:  S1 US Kab

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20

Your in game name: Hilde Kovaden

Names of allies involved: 

Name of suspect/s: Awimba or something like that. Part of the district.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363877624?t=05h26m52s this when he instigated with the russians https://www.twitch.tv/videos/363877624?t=05h38m41s This where I was personally approached


Detailed description of the events: I hate to be the one here again...so soon after another report of poor crud rp but I literally am boiling inside from the constant baiting. Or whatever it is called. I see it done by so many people but what makes me more mad is when I see it done by leaders or people part of a faction. Earlier in the day I went to Kab to make amends with Brandon and after that I felt finally I could hang out in Kab in peace and do my thing with trade or w/e but apparently I was wrong. Before I even get into this I tire of people saying 'then don't go to kab' because that is NOT an excuse for people to get away with crap rp. Repeatedly.


Now it started with me walking into Kab, meeting some Russians and then just hanging out. District came in and as they do, they were loud. I'm fine with that. Thats their charm. But what is not their charm is seemingly starting stuff for no reason. I watched as they approached the russians and the main man; which I don't know how to spell their name, said they wanted the girl for some guys wife. Then after refusing; clearly, it turned into she is a traitor and they wanted to interrogate her, and then ended up extremely baiting with threats all that. Then after the russians leave they seem to be ready to leave town which for me, I'm relieved cause after watching that whole show I was already over their baity rp. But then they had to point me out and of course he runs over with his megaphone; which I -so- love and starts crap with me. I want to be left alone; clearly, I've been standing around minding my own business for twenty minutes and I just made amends with Brandon's group but he starts getting aggressive; as he does, and then asks some one in his group wearing the matching band if he should hit my character. Why? Who knows. But anyways he hits my character and after that I'm just done. I've done nothing. I just want to be left alone, and I've already said this clearly ic. So I eventually start leaving town and he gets on his damn megaphone and starts throwing threats my way and Brandon has even said by this point they have other stuff to do but this guy CLEARLY does what he wants. So then after I assume he will leave me alone he starts literally CHASING me down the road and punches my character, repeatedly, and I don't even know what to say ic at this point cause I already knew I was going to write this report for baiting to begin with.


In short. I'm getting tired of this. Not just from him, but a lot of people in groups specifically. I thought baiting was against the rules? Because I see this type of stuff happen all the time where people make up stories, lies, and try to start a fight. I even had this happen when I first tried to make amends with Brandon where some other guys started saying I was stealing, and baiting hard to have a reason to rob me completely and shoot me pretty much. I can't take much more of this honestly. When I left dayz a long while ago I had amazing rp. The bandits were NOTHING like this and people didn't pull this crap on a daily. Now every day I get on I see it happen repeatedly in one day from people who are suppose to showing a good example for their faction buddies. Its like they bounce person to person. I mean, they do. Watch the video. I know I was told to make a separate discussion post about rp standards, but yeah had to get this little bit off my chest.

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Hit Logs:

[2019/01/14 22:17:38]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to RightHand with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:18:14]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to RightHand with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:13]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to LeftArm with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:14]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to LeftArm with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:15]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to LeftArm with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:16]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to Head with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:17]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to Torso with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy
[2019/01/14 22:23:18]: (Hilde Kovaden) hit by (Awimba Muncho) to Torso with MeleeLightBlunt_Heavy

Calling in @OxeN to post his POV.

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Now first and foremost i was certainly not baiting you into anything i was trying to hostile roleplay with you.

I walk into kab and have some good hostile roleplay with the russians also called Pamiyati, after this i notice a woman across the street who i recognize from a day or so ago. I recall her speaking shit about me and saying i'm a "psychopath, madman etc" being the nature of my character and his group i walk up to her and start talking to her about how she has been shit talking me in the past days.


My character is a crazy african warlord and very power hungry hence his merry band of africans that he rolls with the "ubuntu" which i have been roleplaying with internally and externally the past weeks. And you character being lappy and not really bowing down to him does anger him especially when he's trying to take over the country currently. 

He has met you many times before and threatend your life with a gun in your face to which you have responded "can you leave me alone, can you leave now please, can i have my bags back"

Now i'm not saying this is an excuse for anything but what comes around goes around and if you won't roleplay your character and value your life properly and also value gear over roleplay which is in your old vods aswell then how do you exepect me to roleplay top notch when you're not giving me much to work on.


Now back to the actual POV:

I start talking to her and she starts lapping of to my character saying i should just leave her alone, i tell her to show me her cheek so i can punch her since i wan't to set an example infront of my brothers and the civilians what happens when you shit talk and behave what he believes is bad manners. he punches you 1-2 times maybe i'm wrong check the vid and then we tell you to get in the house and wait while we were supposed to run away. You for some reason decide to run away from us i then follow you and beat the living shit out of you and after i tell you too keep running and not to come back.


Also too add i am not the leader of the DISTRICT i am a henchman hired by the leader of DISTRICT solely to hunt down people and kill them hence the "UBUNTU" on our group page and the radio thread called "to the district"

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Sorry but its pretty hard to hear when you told me to go into a house, but your buddy was also telling me to follow him. I follow him, and he says leave town and thats me 'running away'. Ok. Maybe you should look into how your group communicates cause there is a clear lack of it if you are going to say that I was running away even though you acknowledged your own buddy leading me off. Its in the video.


Also I do roleplay valuing my life but after it constantly happening, every day, anyone would just start to not give a shit passed a certain point. My character isn't going to be like 'omg don't punch me again master I promise to be good' when she hasn't even done anything. She is cocky, and holds onto her pride and after being constantly bullied by the same two groups, which you are involved in, she just doesn't care anymore. Call it suicidal but when they just wave guns around as a obvious scare tactic is doesn't get threatening anymore. They are just bullies.


She has been held hostage twice, told to beg for her life several times, robbed of everything a million times, sometimes robbed multiple times in the same day by the same damn people. She only really cares about her medical supplies because; spoiler, she is a researcher and icly her research is held in the mix of it which she did rp being taken from her. How would you feel if years of research were just ripped off of you when that is your possible ticket to doing something GOOD for the world?


This isn't about my rp reasons though. Now is it.

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Also, sorry but have to add.


Saying you are a warlord doesn't give you the right to bop person to person aggressively looking for a fight or trying to get people to bow down and submit to you and if they don't 'beat the living shit' out of them. I'm sure if I made a insane character who likes to see blood, ran around looking to stab people and then used that excuse, it wouldn't fly. Your character concept shouldn't give you a automatic pass to bait. Which you did clearly do in my opinion in the video to at the very least the russians.

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A team of staff have reviewed this report and have come to a conclusion. 

We have agreed to close this report as requested by the OP. Before we do so however, we'd like to mention that you cannot bait people into saying or initiating on people. This is against our rules. Please be careful when you surround someone and start punching them and giving them abuse. With that said, we will now close this.

Signed by me & @Sleepyhead

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