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Server time: 2019-05-26, 21:53
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S1: Jan 14th - 02:55 - Kos at NWAF

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Server and location: S1 - NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Jan 14th, 02:55

Your in game name: Rodney Blackwell

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video

Detailed description of the events: I was making my way through NWAF when I spotted some zombies in my way.  I was about to attack them and heard a noise behind me. I saw someone with a gun. I turned back around and started to attack the zombies. The unknown person then shot me and I died.

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Hi, it was me who apparently shot you by accident due to an error. I am deeply sorry about that. 

I had just seen you 10 seconds before and was coming to greet you until those zombies started attacking you. At this point, I took out my weapon and wanted to 'save' you from the zombies before our interaction. The moment I pulled the trigger aiming at the zombies that you were killing with your axe, I got a black screen and as I got the game up and running again, I was dead as well. My first thoughts were that I accidentally hit you and you killed me thinking that I was initiating because I couldn't say anything because of the crash.

I am really sorry that this happened.


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Hit logs:

[2019/01/14 02:54:29]:(Rodney Blackwell) hit by (Sergei Anosov) to LeftHand with Bullet_380
[2019/01/14 02:54:29]:(Rodney Blackwell) hit by (Sergei Anosov) to Torso with Bullet_380
[2019/01/14 02:54:30]:(Rodney Blackwell) hit by (Sergei Anosov) to Head with Bullet_380

Kill logs:

[2019/01/14 02:54:30]:(Rodney Blackwell) killed by a(n) Infected
[2019/01/14 02:55:35]:(Sergei Anosov) killed by a(n) Infected

Connection logs:

01:53:40 : Player Rodney Blackwell connected
01:53:57 : Player Rodney Blackwell disconnected
01:55:23 : Player Rodney Blackwell connected
01:55:58 : Player Rodney Blackwell disconnected
01:58:05 : Player Rodney Blackwell connected
00:24:01 : Player Sergei Anosov connected
02:56:05 : Player Sergei Anosov disconnected

Chat logs:


@snypervash He was indeed killed by an infected just one minute after your death. We can also see from the logs that you were actually killed by an infected at the exact moment his last bullet hit you. That being said, would you like for us to close the report?

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We are always glad to see people come to an understanding. In this case @snypervashs death was caused by an unfortunate accident. We would advise @ddafiii to be more careful with where he points his gun in the future. Always be sure of your target and check that there is nothing behind the target you don't want to hit. If this report was left open, you would have been punished for the kill, accident or not. It is your responsibility to identify your target and make sure you don't kill anyone unintentionally. With that said the report will be closed upon request.


Signed by: @Jamie& @Semiazas

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