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It pays to be an Insomniac.

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It is 3:05 AM where I live right now. I can't sleep. I was bored. I got on DayZRP, where I knew only Australians would be.

I ran for 2 Kilometers to Stary from Staroye. I was just about to log out! I went even farther West and found a Heli-Crash. Now I have an FN FAL, and an M4A1 CCO.

It pays to be an Aussie or an Insomniac.

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lol So it was you shooting zombies from the barn there.

I just got up from there and looted a M4A1 Holo from there with a rapload of mags.

I'll just have fun with it for a while until I give it away and get my crossbow back.

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