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Server time: 2019-01-20, 04:00 WE ARE RECRUITING

S1: KoS in Vybor 12-01-2019 00:00-00:30

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Server and location: S1 factory east of Vybor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:00-00:30

Your in game name: Donnie Wolowitz

Names of allies involved: ACC name: Obags99          character name: Sanji Kaweebe

Name of suspect/s: Unknown 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: I was in the factory next to Vybor with my friend (sanji Kaweebe) in the tower keeping watch whilst I looted(trying to find a battery for red dot sight), When he was suddenly shot and killed. I was also shot by some one and managed to get into cover and close the doors. this happened without any RP what so ever, I heard 4 guys surrounding me as my mate rang me on discord having no idea what just happened. I had been surrounded at this point by 3 guys and a girl who all claimed that they had seen me sniping them at Vybor, you can check the damage feed that neither me or my mate had killed or shot anyone. I also tried to explain that I litteraly couldn't of shot at them due to that fact I only had A UMP. They tied me up and at this point I broke RP under my friends instructions due to the fact that he had been killed on site. I asked for there names to which they all stopped speaking and stood around looting my mates body and mine. After asking several times they continued to say nothing and eventually due to some unknown error I was kicked from the game( could be due to bad internet connection as I play on the american server with 2mbs download speed). At this point my friend and I joined the help line and asked how to file a complaint, I then joined back to the game to see if I had been killed too and sure enough I had. If you look at the damage feed it will show that neither of us have shot or killed any one, and who killed us. Its really frustrating as we'd both invested a lot of time into the game and had pretty high end gear at this point, I was shot and so was my friend without any communication with the attackers before hand and then they proceeded to kill me after complying  with them. from what I understand this is pretty rare as most of the community seems really friendly. I stopped playing the local servers due to this very reason and hope that this is sorted out with justice or at least an explanation on why it happened. Big thanks to the help desk staff who where really friendly and professional.

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Hit logs:

[2019/01/11 23:51:22]:(Jeremy Gilbert) hit by (Sanji Kaweebe) to LeftLeg with Bullet_556x45
[2019/01/12 00:06:04]:(Donnie Wolowitz) hit by (Amalya Serebryakov) to Head with Bullet_762x54

Kill logs:

[2019/01/12 00:06:27]:(Sanji Kaweebe) killed by a(n) Survivor

Chat logs:

00:13:22 : Global: Jeremy Gilbert: Jeremy Gilbert
00:14:38 : Global: Jeremy Gilbert: //cant u hear us
00:16:07 : Global: Amalya Serebryakov: // we didn't kill him or something
00:16:09 : Global: Amalya Serebryakov: // lol
00:16:17 : Global: Amalya Serebryakov: // Dunno

Connection logs:

00:15:09 : Donnie Wolowitz disconnected
00:18:14 : Amalya Serebryakov disconnected
00:20:31 : Donnie Wolowitz connected
00:26:19 : Donnie Wolowitz disconnected
00:30:38 : Jeremy Gilbert disconnected
00:30:51 : Jeremy Gilbert connected
02:15:41 : Jeremy Gilbert disconnected

Calling in @Amalya (Amalya Serebryakov), @mutman (Jeremy Gilbert) and @obags99 (Sanji Kawebee) to post their full POVs of the situation, including the names of your allies and any possible evidence you may have.

@Amalya would you also care to explain why you logged off only 12 minutes after shooting someone

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@mutman has video evidence.

So, we used to stay near Vybor. I was there with another guy I meet. Then, we found a couple of people, they were like 5 people or so, along with a female.

Then, we ended up talking for a while, but Jeremy got shot in his arm. We instantly turned around and saw a bunch of people with skull mask running if I'm not wrong, from the other side of the town.

Then, we hided up and roleplayed with Jeremy, helped him get setup as the other guys started chasing those guys who just shot us. There was a gun-fight going on, I have no idea what happened in the gunfight because I was just back with my friend, helping Jeremy.

Then, we ended up being next to the industry thing, where I saw that guy and I shot 2 shots next to his location and also in some zombies. I called the other guys because I found him and wanted to rush him inside to see what he got. We went in, then we found him and got him down, took away his gun and wanted to chat with him.


He started using voice, saying things like " Type your names in the chat, type in the chat so I can see your name. " "I'm going to call an admin. I did nothing wrong to you! Why you kill me? " 

He had a guy who was killed next to him, IC'ly I assumed that he killed a guy. that guy looked like one of Jeremiah friends, I don't know for sure, but I assumed it IC'ly. We just wanted to chat with him though to see why he shot Jeremy. 

Then, Jeremy said " Who are the admins? There are no fucking admins what are you talking about? " . He tried to keep it IC'ly. Then that guy said

"You drop out. I can't hear you" Or something like that..

We could all of us,hear each other and actually made sure of that few times.

Then he said:

"If you take something from my body I'll report to the admins!"

Then he just.. Suicided. He just died. I looked at his body, and typed to the other guys.


Then, we talked for few minutes. After that, I ended up going outisde of the area and I waited for few minutes, as nothing was happening and everyone just left and took care of their own business. I had to log off because it was very late and I had a meeting the other day.


@mutmansaid that he has all of this recorded so he should provide the recording soon


I also left all your gear over there. Didn't take any. Just took a gun from another guy that was dead near you for whatever reason.


Myself, I didn't kill anyone yet.

Edited by Amalya

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Basically myself and my friend @daizchen met @Amalya and her friend at the factories. Upon arrival i was shot from no where. We begin to investigate the shooter and find the OP inside the factory where we tell him to drop to the ground. He immediately begins to argue with us and we are trying to tell him that i had just been shot and he and his friend are the only ones running around with weapons. Not long after he was tied up he begins to break character talking about telling the admins??? After a brief talk he begins to act like he cant hear us... Next thing we know he logs out with his hands tied thus killing himself. If anything this was terrible RP by the OP. 

I am uploading this video to youtube so you can see from my pov. 

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Okay so I couldn't hear anything after I asked for your names, hence I broke character. I dunno if I lagged out or what but my mate, the guy who with the orange and red mask was shot and killed and I was then instantly shot as well. I asked for your names because my mate had just been killed without any RP what so ever which is breaking server rules. dunno who shot me but one of you guys did so you can see that this looks bad from our perspective. tried to explain that I literally couldn't have "sniped you" with a UMP (my only weapon). it was just me and Sanji Kaweebe, But we hadn't been in any fight since I'd met him in Vybor. Have no idea how I died but when I logged back in I was a fresh spawn. from my prospective I thought you guys had just come out of no where and killed my mate and shot me without saying a word. Dunno if this is all just a misunderstanding but I was pretty pissed that I got shot without any RP before hand.

Think my mate has it recorded from his perspective although it will be a short one because he pretty much died instanly. haven't heard from him since so I don't know when you will get his reply.

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We werent killing anyone. And i think you are straying away from your original post. You claimed you were killed on site which my video clearly shows you logged out with your hands tied. When we entered the factory the man with the orange mask was already dead in the corner. Also you claim you couldn't hear us but i was typing in chat to you? Could you also not read the chat? I dont want to cause anything but im having a hard time believing your claim. Also why wouldn't you just comply with us? If we were killing on sight clearly you would be dead when we entered that factory. I have another 20+ mins recorded before the factory if the admins need to see it.

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Since @obags99 has failed to post his POV he will be temporally banned until he does so.

On 1/12/2019 at 3:54 AM, Poonis said:

you can check the damage feed that neither me or my mate had killed or shot anyone.

You say this, but when I go to check the damage feed I see this:

[2019/01/11 23:51:22]:(Jeremy Gilbert) hit by (Sanji Kaweebe) to LeftLeg with Bullet_556x45

which clearly shows that you friend shot @mutman in the leg.

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Calling in @daizchen for his detailed POV of the situation.

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Also, coming to my leaving of the server so soon after he suicided, I only did it because I saw that nothing happened, and after all that was done I thought that there would be no anymore RP since they just left the game..


I also had to go because I had a very important meeting I couldn't miss the other day so I am really sorry I couldn't stay the 1 hour!


And also, I wasn't the one initiating the combat.

Edited by Amalya

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19 hours ago, OskuRP said:

Calling in @daizchen for his detailed POV of the situation.

Hey, me and Jeremy came into vybor and found 2 people. we talked for a while when suddenly another guy turned up and we saw 2 other people like sneaking on us. we ignored it and walked further up the road where we saw 2 other people which were amalya and her friend jack. when we were standing there talking we could hear some shots go of in the town and moment after that Jeremy got shot in the arm. Jeremy told me in discord that he was taken care of by amalya and jack and i started to follow the first guys we were with into town. I then hesitated and i lost the sight of them. lonely i sneaked outside of town and saw 2 guys, one with a scull mask and one with a red and yellow mask. (i believe you can hear me in Jeremys extended recording, telling him i see them) the guys with the masks started shooting into town towards what i believed was our friend we met earlier, but because i was´nt sure this was the case, i simply hid and watched them from like 100 meters behind a shed. I then went back to Jeremy after the guys with the masks had disapeared into the industrial. From this point on my Geforce instant replay got captured, so i have footage too. (but its basically the same as jeremys since we were together after that).

we followed amalya and jack up into the industrial because i said that the guys i saw with the masks shooting went there, I didnt see them again first but amalya and jack said they were inside the big industrial building and started shooting towards it. We approached telling them to come out with their hands up. The guy inside first said no and then stopped responding. I was on the other side of the building when amalya and Jeremy entered the building. But there were no shots fired, just screams telling him to lay down. i then entered the building and started to question who they shot at in town. which he at the moment said was false as you can see in Mutmans clip. Im the guy in white. 

basically as detailed as i can. unfortunitly my instant replay only saved 10 minutes back in time. so i dont have footage that they were shooting at something into town long before we actually found them. But since there was no zombies coming after them i just assumed they shot at the first guys we met in vybor, since they went that way like 3 minutes earlier.

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sorry for the late response. have been very busy with work. I see in the logs that it states that i shot jeremy gilbert in the leg which i am very confused about. from the industral area my friend and i were shooting zombies and were trying to attract some attention from other characters. i honestly cant explain how i manged to hit jeremy as im sure all the zombies i killed dropped dead, i mean i was spraying and was trying to attract attention but even so i never saw anyone in the vybor area from where me and my friend were posted, perhaps a bullet went through a wall? idk i honestly dont have an explanation. but my friend and i wouldnt have gotten so angry and filed a report if we knew we had done something wrong. i cannot comment on the hostage situation as i was killed before any RP was shown. in defence to myself i wouldnt have asked my friend to file a report if i knew i had done somethign wrong or had shot someone. this explains as to why i was KOS'd and as to why these people were telling my friend that they had been shot. it must have been from when my friend and i were shooting at zombies but even so im not convinced i shot anyone as i didnt see anyone in vybor other than zombies, but i suppose the logs arent gonna lie😀. i hope you understand that i didnt mean to cause any malicious activity and i definitely wouldn't have reported it if i knew i had done something wrong 😉


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@obags99 //temp ban removed

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