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Server time: 2019-01-20, 03:52 WE ARE RECRUITING

S1 Combat Log/BadRP Vybor 04:20

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Server and location: S1 Vybor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04:20

Your in game name: Vasiley Stepanovich

Names of allies involved: @Bosco. @crearbin

Name of suspect/s: Frank Jaeger

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

Detailed description of the events: I meet my two buddies who are rolling as a Russian nationalist dynamic. We hear a man shooting in Vybor, and run to investigate. As he continues shooting, we initiate on the house and tell him to put his hands up. He complies. We kill the infected and take him outside, where he says in VOIP "I don't know what fucking button it is" or something like that. We brush it off and continue the RP. I ask him what brought him to Chernarus and he says he is with NATO. I use this info and level a fusilade of insults at him, before searching him for a radio, and then a wallet and dogtags. I rip off his dogtags and ask him to verify the information and begin interrogating him about his work in Chernarus, trying to gather information about the NATO forces in the area. He says //hold on when i ask him what unit he was in, and I assume he is looking it up online. Okay, I will wait. Gives me a chance to start recording for my new RP compilation. As soon as I start recording and come back to continue RP, he combat logs in front of us. Big oof.

We waited until I said //timestamp in chat for him to relog.

Edited by Sylva

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Connection Logs |

Vasiley Stepanovych:

03:52:25 | Vasiley Stepanovych connected
- Still In-Game -


Nicanor Butusov:

02:53:20 | Nicanor Butusov connected
- Still In-Game -


Yaropolk Yusupov:

02:57:14 | Yaropolk Yusupov connected
- Still In-Game -


Frank Jaeger:

03:40:08 | Frank Jaeger connected
04:21:48 | Frank Jaeger disconnected


Hit & Kill Logs |

Frank Jaeger:

[2019/01/11 04:16:49] | (Frank Jaeger) hit by (Vasiley Stepanovych) to Brain with MeleeFist
[2019/01/11 04:16:49] | (Frank Jaeger) hit by (Vasiley Stepanovych) to Brain with MeleeFist


Chat Logs |

04:15:57 | Vasiley Stepanovych: *searches for a radio* ///do i find one?
04:16:02 | Frank Jaeger: //aye
04:16:16 | Vasiley Stepanovych: /*TAKES THE RADIO*
04:18:15 | Vasiley Stepanovych: *takes the radio, and searches for a wallet*
04:18:21 | Vasiley Stepanovych: wallet* ///do i find one
04:18:30 | Frank Jaeger: //no
04:18:49 | Vasiley Stepanovych: *pulls his shirt down, looking for dogtags* //do i find trh
04:19:00 | Frank Jaeger: //yes
04:19:18 | Vasiley Stepanovych: *rips them from his neck* //does the info check out?
04:19:48 | Frank Jaeger: //hang on
04:20:55 | Frank Jaeger: //hold up
04:39:04 | Vasiley Stepanovych: //timestamp


Calling In |
Please provide your full & detailed point of view. List any allies relevant to this situation & provide any evidence you may have.

Reporting Party
@Sylva | Vasiley Stepanovich | POSTED
@Bosco. | Nicanor Butusov | POSTED
@crearbin | Yaropolk Yusupov | POSTED

@TheCrimsonBear | Frank Jaeger | NOT POSTED

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I have no further information to add as I believe everything has already been laid out in Sylva's video and description of events.

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While traveling through Vybor we heard someone shooting, we quickly surrounded the location where the shots were coming from and Sylva initiated the man, and once we killed the infected surrounding the house as well, took him outside to interrogate him, during the interrogation he disconnected. Below is the video I have from this situation.



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Since @TheCrimsonBear has yet to post his POV he will be temporally banned. You have 24 hours to post it or this report will be archived and you will have to make an appeal.

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Seeing as the accused has failed to reply within the given time, the report will be closed and @TheCrimsonBear will remain temporally banned. To get the ban lifted he will have to resolve this through an appeal which can be made here.

@Sylva, @Bosco.& @crearbin we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused


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