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Radio Call. Hi, can someone hear me?

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*Picks barely the radio from her backpack and presses the PTT leaning her back against the wall os the ATC.
"Hi, my name is Samantha. I am..."

*looks around*

"...in a building of the Airfield... looks like a tower. I am pretty thirsty. I need help" if someone can hear me...plea...."

*her voice didn't sound anymore*

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*Doc would get on the radio.* 

“Too far away. Don’t die lady. Might be able to help though.”

*Doc would release the PTT button.*

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*wakes up with the radio buzzes* *sounds of shots in the distance mixed with the zombies' noises around the building*

*looks at the radio but she doesn't move closing her eyes at the end*

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*Doc would look over to Hunter while holding down the PTT button.*

”I think that lady is dead, I hope that if she is alive she doesn’t run into that African guy that keeps kidnapping and forcing himself onto women.”

*He would release the PTT.*

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*wakes up again reaches the PTT button*
"hello is someone there? I am Samantha I am in a building North West Airfield. I need help, I am thirsty, please!"
*releases the PTT*

*Stands up and shouts in the silence*

"hello can someone help me!"

*after that exhausted leans against the wall*

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A quick creepy whisper...

”On our way.”

Comes across the transmission.

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*Jacob was playing at the radio station frequency*

*Suddenly hear some voices... Wasn't clearly*

*As he hears the voices he got shocked and open fully the eyes*

*In the hurry he tries to talk to them*

"Hello? Does anybody copy? *heavy breathing* DOES ANYONE COPY?" 

*He release the button hopeless and get an thinking position looking at the wall without moving listen to the radio station*

*After he calm down  he push the button again*

*Keep pushing the button*

*Keep pushing the button*

" Please help me... I don't know where I am... I think at the airfield , I don't know!" 

*Keep pushing the button*

"I've seen some bunkers... *looking at the roof and slowly losing hope that someone will answer*... Some sniper towers.... *looking at floor licking his lips*... I think I am 1 or 2 km away from Rogovo... I am now into a tool building *looking at the window.. At the darkness from outside and then says heavily and slow*... Please.. If you are out there... "

*Release the button*




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