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groovy patz

To the Kozlovs

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*Paddy hears the transmission, and he press his PTT*

What did I fucking tell you boys, you were working with snakes, I warned you. You only have yourself to blame.

Arno, you were too blind by your hatred in that Barn, I still have the marks on my chest. I warned you countless of times. 

*Paddy begins to laugh*

*Releases PTT*

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Posted (edited)

*Ludvik stands at the doors of the barn overlooking the town, he pulls out his binoculars in the search for people. He hears the radio message and slowly removes the radio from his belt while still looking through the binoculars. He becomes ever increasingly angry as the message is being transmitted. He moves the binoculars away from his face and clutches the radio harder and harder before moving it to his mouth, there is a pause as the PTT is pressed as he thinks of what to say. He speaks in CHERNARUSSIAN*

"Ahoj Arno, this is something that comes as a surprise to me as I have not heard about this situation once from either one of the true family members or the ones that choose to help us." 

*he pauses once more* 

"You said that Mikhail shot one of yours twice? Now that really is surprising! I would like to see proof of such accusation before we as a family can make a decision on what to do ano? 

*Another pause occurs*

"Please don't spew your rhetoric about treason to me when the proof has not been delivered or shown in person, and if I'm not aware you were apparently spotted in Zelenogorsk and spoke to one of my people, why couldn't you bring it up there and then but decide to do it here and now? I'm not calling you a liar Arno, all I wish for is truth. Maybe me and you could meet to discuss this in person? There you can give me the proof and I can take this further with the family? It must only be you though as I too don't like backstabbing and do not wish to be."

*He takes one more pause and moves the binoculars up to his face as his talks*

"And Arno please don't insinuate that the Kozlov family are traitors to the Chernarussian people at the expense of the actions of a man who isn't even a true Kozlov as we have done everything we can to help them when they stumble upon us and especially you and your people." 

*After responding Ludvik hears the man speaking English and decides to switch to said language and respond, he presses the PTT once more*

"You didn't tell them shit so I suggest you quit lying through your teeth. There are no snakes within my family and there never will be. You are lucky you are even alive."

*Ludvik lowers the radio back to his belt and moves down into the town*


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Posted (edited)

*Hearing the radio message starting, the table goes quiet. Jitka, Xaver, Ben, Emile and Arno listen to Ludviks broadcast. As it ends Arno puts down his can of Kvass and picks up the radio to speak angrily in Chernarussian*

Ludvik, I had no idea this Patrik man was with you... I had places to be and to my knowledge, you are not wearing yellow armbands now are you?

*Arno pauses, having a sip of his can*

You want proof? 

*He takes the radio closer and gets louder*


*Arno calms himself a bit, his tone however still harsh, quick and angry*

I will also bring along our spotter who saw him running alongside the men who attacked us... no problem...

We will bring all the people involved and affected which in fact... are all the brothers of Cerna Liska.

You can consider yourself lucky that we even want to talk after what happend, so take it or leave it.

*Arno takes a little break, having a deep breath and another refreshing sip*

If it is true, and you had no idea of what happend, then we have no problem and you have nothing to fear. Mikhail on the other hand, he will get what he deserves and you, as fellow Chernarussian brothers wont stand in our way, like this there wont be problems.

*Arno ends the transmission, awaiting a response from the Kozlovs. He puts the radio in the middle of the table and the five of them begin conversing about the situation again*

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*Pyotr would wake up from his brothers arguing and once he his filled in he would pick up his own radio, starting in English.*

Paddy, how many of you do we have to kill for you to know your place? Keep this up and we will fuck you harder than the English did.

*He switches to cHeRnArUsSiAn.*

Arno, if your bratr was shot by an SVD round then feel free to show me the injuries however how will that happen? Do you have his arm and leg in a freezer or why aren't they separated from the body after he was shot with that sort of caliber from close range I assume since he was apparently backstabbed?

*He pauses.*

Think back a little, we helped you when you wanted to take the cannibal... twice, we helped you when your man decided to take two hostages but wasn't able to deal with them, we helped you when you saw it as necessary to start a fight in Kabanino in the middle of 30 armed men. What did we ask for in return? Nothing. If we wanted to hurt you we would have just hurt you right there, we both know it wouldn't have been hard. Instead, we regrouped with you every time and fought side by side.

*He sighs.*

Imagine I came to you and told you one of your people shot one of mine and ran away. What would your answer be to my call for his head? Proof obviously, so this will be our demand as well. Proof that Mikhail was the one who shot your man. I will not kill one of my bratri for the mere word of a spotter who was kilometers away and only judged him but what I assume was his black outfit. Find the same amount of proof I would need to show you to be allowed to kill one of your own.

*He pauses again.*

So how did the fight go, did anyone else get injured and if so how bad is it? We got medical personnel that might be able to help if the injuries aren't that critical.

*Pyotr releases the PTT button.*

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Posted (edited)

*Benedikt goes to his desk, gets his radio and transmits the following message.*

Ok Kozlovs, time to set some shit straight. First of fucking all, talk with respect about another Chernarussian getting injured, by one of your man nonetheless. The fact that he is alive and still breathing is a fucking miracle. If you wish to come see him yourself and check his bullet wounds then you are welcomed. I don't even think he has been able to move properly ever since. So cut this arm and leg in freezer bullshit.

Now, to the important business. Proof... fucking proof? Ano, I have got into contact with administrator of Dubky blocs and he has given us the footage of some cameras set here and there... FUCK PROOF. What sort of fucking proof do you think we can have? Is Vania fucking disabled in a bed not good enough for you? Do you want a piece of this Mikhail's hair so you know he was fucking there? In fact all this Mikhail, Mikhail, Mikhail... Where the fuck is this Mikhail even, eh? You want proof, you have your fucking proof. Do you even know what your man was doing? Did you even dare to question him? If you would accuse us of such shit then we would go straight to the person and question him about what happened until there was no doubt in our minds. So let me tell you proof. VANIA. JIRI. COOK. All bratri of ours that are proof for you. Vania got shot once, everyone saw by who, then ten minutes later he gets shot again. By the same fucking person. You are lucky we don't want to hurt chernarusky and we thought it might have been mistake, because otherwise, that man would have turned into a blood painting.

But guess what? Cook saw him again. And this time he was with them. He was running alongside them after those people trying to kill us. Not a big surprise, actually, the more we think about it. You know where he was when we met him? Kabanino. Along other foreigners and he was not making Chernarus proud, he was making friends with them. You know what else? When my bratri were in the barn with him, the hostages that we had were screaming at them that the Mikhail was working with the New Moon people.

So let me ask you this? Where is he, eh? I see a lot of fucking proof but I don't see him. If he was really innocent, then why the fuck is he hiding? Why the fuck is he not standing up for himself and saying what happened? You know why? Because it is truth. He shot. He almost killed chernarusky. And... Kozlovs, I still think you good people, so watch your back. Because Vania might have made it out alive in the end, but when you are sleeping, I am sure Mikhail will make sure not to leave any trail behind.

This is word coming from your chernarussian bratri. This is word coming from CERNA LISKA. We do not want fight with you. You said it as well we fight alongside each other, we should not fight against one another. We want justice. And you know we wouldn't lie or even accuse someone would we not be sure. So make right decision here.

*transmission ends*

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The sound of a crackling fire and sizzling meat can be heard before a soft voice, obviously an American and obviously from the south, came over the radio.

"I only just managed to scan through and catch part of this about your friend being disabled and bedridden. While the reason and the conflict are admittedly none of my business, I know what it's like to be taken out of action for an extended period of time because of injuries like that. I know it's going to be hard, but after the wounded people have convalesced I would seriously recommend trying to get physical therapy equipment from some of the larger hospitals. They have large elastic bands, or you can fashion weights out of nearly anything. It'll take a long time and it'll hurt, but it beats the alternatives that can come from letting muscles atrophy in the world we live in now.

There should be actual trained medical experts who can look over everything, and honestly...Well, like I said, I know how it feels and what it's like to go through, and I still have to work with it every day. I'll free up the waves now since, as I said, this doesn't concern me beyond that." 


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*Jurik listens to the constant bickering over the frequency and finally decides to speak his own mind in Chernarussian*

You members of Cerna Liska seem to be rather venomous with your words towards your fellow countrymen. We understand the pain that you must be feeling if your bratri is in as critical of state that you say he is in, but you think this is a good enough reason to burn all of your bridges and turn on your own people?

*Jurik sighs before thinking of what to say, trying not to cause anymore anger*

We understand your frustration at the thought that your member may have been shot at by someone who is a part of us, but perhaps you can try and understand why we are demanding proof that it was without a doubt one of our bratr. As Pyotr said, if we accused your men of doing the same and wanted to punish them, would you not demand proof as well? Or would you throw your own bratri away without any thought?

You seem to forget the blood we have spilled helping you and your people out. Chernarussian blood.

*He sighs again*

We all bare the scars, myself included, of helping you and your men out while on your campaigns to eradicate the foreigners of the land, yet you forget that we have never called on you to help us.

As much as you state that you don't want to fight with us, the message coming across is that we throw our man to the wolves or you'll come and take him from us by force, am I wrong?

Slava Chernarus

*Jurik releases the PTT button and puts the radio back on his belt*

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Posted (edited)

*Ludvik standing at the barn once more hears the transmission from Arno and the other Liska member, he removes his radio from his belt and moves it slowly to his mouth. He presses the PTT, his speech is quick with minimal breaths as he has clearly lost his patience*

"Listen Arno, I cannot just take your word with such a serious allegation such as this. Chernarussian or not."


"You are clearly upset and I understand... I hope Vania is alright and he is well rested. However,  like I said I require proof possibly a picture of the wounds if you are still willing to meet? I'm sure you can find some sort of Polaroid camera somewhere in Dubky."

*More static*

"The meeting is still on the table, but I can only meet you. If you don't want to take that I have no problem as its no skin off my back, I am the one trying to sort this here and it seems you are very keen to jump to conclusions by accusing me and my family of conspiring against you which is far from the truth."


"Think about it..."

*The radio transmission ends as Ludvik moves the radio away from his mouth and places back on his belt before moving back into the barn* 

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*Kuba presses his PTT*

His lack of concern in woods when I met him after everyone else left, is now explainable. Why would he be standing there all alone without weapon out after everyone else left, even with men standing couple hundred meters across the road looking around, he said he sees them but was doing nothing about it, just standing like he was waiting for bus. He was probably telling information to the other men that were standing close by. And after I told him where we were going, that is how men find us. And when I wanted to stay in Vyshnoye and kill men when they got close, he convinced me to run back to Castle so we would all be stuck in one area, Ano! He would have blown his cover and stopped giving information to the men who were after us if we stayed in town, then I would have got bullet instead of Vania.

This explains behaviour when we find him in Kabinino, Ano! And why foreigners like and trust him no matter where he go, they don't even know he is part of important family. That is his words. They don't question him about who he is unlike the rest of us Chernarussians, its like quiz show with some peoples, Ano.

Mr. Kozlovs, your man betrayed us whether you like it or not, and when it comes to us and what we would do, we would never hurt Chernarussian person ever, unless they betrayed us or Chernarus, and if one of our own betrayed us... he knows consequence.

Blood for blood.

*Kuba releases his PTT*



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*Ludvik hears the transmission and moves for his radio, he presses the PTT*

"I have no problem handing over people that betray our trust as well as other Chernarussians, that is why I have called for a meeting with Arno."

*The radio goes silent*

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*Kazimir would talk softly and laugh to try and lighten the mood. He would mask his voice by muffling it and changing his distinct accent.*

"Der'mo... Where have I seen shit like this. You Chernarussians need to stop being at throat quickly here. If Rossiskaya Federatsiya is coming, the last thing we need in a new civil war to start. Kozlov people, you best make sure that these people can trust you, otherwise, we are even more fucked."

*The transmission would fade.*

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Posted (edited)

*Beni picks up the radio and presses the PTT Button*

" Alright, enough is enough. 

Stop playing my dick is bigger than yours, both sides. A constant back and forth will not get us anywhere...

I suggest a trial, where the accuses or in other words Cerna Liska and the Defendant, Mik who is the accused.

We will need a judge or something, someone outside of our factions.

Let me know what you think.


I do not want a traitor to our country with us anymore than you do, but I will not judge just off of words.

You could say that I was the one who shot and you saw me running off with your enemies, when I wasn't. 

For example, if I said one of your people shot me and ran off with my enemies, I'm sure you wouldn't kill him just off my words alone.

I don't see any reason for you to lie about such an accusation, but I do not know you well enough to make that judgement.

The radio would fall silent* 


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*Mikhail would press the PTT in a drunken fit and start screaming*


*you'd hear him spit, and he'd lower his voice*

Ano, I was leaving the fight area with those guys, because I know them, and they had surrounded me, so I had to pretend to not be involved in that shit, can you blame me for wanting to save my own skin? You had abandoned me on top of that building after helping with trouble you got yourself into. I'd love to know which one of your bratri saw me shoot Vania, I like the guy, why would I do it?

Also, about that new Moon shit: that guy had never seen me in his whole life and was spouting bullshit just to get out of the situation, accuse me again of being with that bunch of niggers and idiots and I'll forget I like you guys so much, and cut your tongue as if you were a communist; you wouldn't react so Kindly if someone accused you of being associated with such a bunch, I'm sure

If you want to speak, you know how to find me ano? Want to put these stupid rumors to rest, all lies.



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*Pyotr would push down the PTT button.*

Mikhail, I know you are busy with your own stuff right now but I'm expecting an explanation of all of this in person and as soon as possible.

*He pauses.*

At this point, I have no clue anymore what happened here but let's start with the things we can fix. We have the contacts in the government to get Vania to a hospital in the safer regions. We all know that these lands are lethal for anyone recovering from injuries like that. I was also told by my medic that the best possible recovery, which would take around 4 months, can only work with medical professionals and physical therapists. We can organize you both of those. We can settle the rest once we actually stand face to face, all of us including Mikhail. For now, just tell me where and when our CAF bratri can extract the wounded fox so he can go back to fighting the good fight asap.

*He scratches his head.*

To the man who went on about these Russians, we still don't even know if they are real so don't lose your mind.

*He releases the PTT button.*

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::A voice speaks is heard crackling over the frequency, matured voice, one with a lot of weight in a thick tone of a smoker and a tired man. The sound of crackles and breaking comes through but the tone is calm, monotoned yet slightly intimidating as gusts of wind distort his voice. But his words are heard clear in that thick Chernarussian accent::

Do not spit on the ground boy. These lands are our people as we are part of it, spit on it is spitting on all that share our blood of our fallen families. Do not disrespect what we all fight for.

You speak drunk and curse yourself and your families name, your tongue rolls and shivers like you have a violin stuck down your throat, a nervous rant one that screams like a coward who knows fate with claim him.

::Suddenly through the crackle his voice becomes clear, stern voice as it raises in a fit of anger and aggression.::

You are nothing more than an embarrassment and a curse.

::He finishes after taking a deep breath, calming himself down only slightly to finish with the final sentence.

Blood, for blood.

::He cuts off his radio, turning it off to finish the conversation as  he looks out over his new home::

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Posted (edited)

*Pyotr would pick up his radio.*

I will ask this one time and one time only. Do you want a war or not? Save the circle jerk just say yes or no.

*He would let go of the PTT button.*

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*Jiri presses a medical patch onto a deep graze just below his rips while he listens to Pyotr's voice over the radio*

*He takes a deep breath before he starts to transmit. You are able to hear him speak in chernarussian* 

You government people...

*a weak laugh which ends up in a slight cough can be heard*

Ask that question to Mikhail.

*The transmission stops*

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*Pyotr would pick up his radio again.*

I'll take that as a no. Do not ask us for help again, we don't care if you have trouble with New Moon, the Saviors or anyone else. Non of them are our enemies and we will fight no one for you any longer. 

Do not attempt to take my bratri again, next time we won't let you finish your "civil" conversation. We are done, accept that or instead of communists we can both fight a brother war for the next week's. 

*The transmission ends.*

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*Presses  the radio button so he can speak*

If it is true that one of your man did this then this man is no true Chernarussian, but instead he is a traitor. Chernarussian or not does not matter, traitors have the same worth as Ruskies or Chedaki so not much more worth then dogs. Which means that they have to be either cut into peaces or set on fire.

*Releases the radio button while kicking a dead Russian in a grave*

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*the old priest sits against the wall of an old ruined church, the smell of ash still thick in the air; by his side is a sturdy Russian military radio, bulky but invaluable in his former line of work. He deftly turns a few knobs as the signal worsen, getting a clear and strong line once more. He listens intently about the ongoing argument and takes precise notes; saddened to see such a proud people at each other's throat, he waits for a lull in the debate to grab the transmitter*

-his tone is firm but passionate-

"Dobrý den, jsem kazatel. A pokoj Boží vítěziž v srdcích vašich, k němuž i povoláni jste v jedno tělo; a buďtež vděčni. Pokoje následujte se všechněmi a svatosti, bez níž žádný neuzří Pána. Pokoje následujte se všechněmi a svatosti, bez níž žádný neuzří Pána. Vizte, aby někdo zlého za zlé neodplacoval, ale vždycky účinnosti dokazujte, i k sobě vespolek i ke všechněm.

   Beset by enemies, beset by your kinsmen rotting on their feet, I can understand your anger, your angst, but this is not the way. I know I am not an orthodox priest but I did know one, from this very country, and I dare say that he was the closest thing I ever had to a brother; and he told me about you, of the love he had for you all and of the fire that lies in your hearts. I  know that you are all a very pious, very devout people, a people that makes the Lord proud, a people that know the value of the Lord's teachings and the promise of the afterlife. Your priests may be gone but their Will remain for as long as stands a Church in this country. Remember what they taught you: There needs to be Justice, but there need not be war. See through the veil of rage over your eyes and understand that to shed a brother's blood is to curse the land you hold so dear in your hearts forever. I implore you to find a reasonable outcome to this situation, for your elders, for your brothers and for the future of this country that you hold in your hands. Stay safe out there, God is with you."

*he takes a minute to calm down, mouthing a silent prayer, hoping his words would be enough. He takes a healthy swig out of the half-empty vodka bottle lying at his feet and carries on.*

-his voice is calmer, smoother-

"Ať mír dál zůstává s touto krajinou.
Zloba, závist, zášť, strach a svár,
ty ať pominou, ať už pominou
teď když tvá ztracená vláda věcí tvých
zpět se k tobě navrátí, lide, navrátí.
Z oblohy mrak zvolna odplouvá
a každý sklízí setbu svou.
Modlitba má, ta ať promlouvá
k srdcím, která zloby čas
nespálil jak květy mráz, jak mráz."

*the broadcast ends*



Greetings, it's the Preacher. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. / Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. / Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.


Let peace remain with this country.
Malice, envy, spite, fear and strife,
Let those pass, let them finally pass
Now that your lost governance of your affairs
is returning to you, people, is returning.
The cloud is slowly flowing away from the sky
And everyone is reaping what they've sown.
My prayer, let it speak
To the hearts which, by the time of ire,
Were not burnt, like flowers by frost, like by frost.


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*Pyotr would pick up his radio again, this time his voice calmer than before.*

Dobry den priest. Your prayers are appreciated and you are right, we do not want to kill our brothers but if our hands are forced we will. We are trying our best to resolve this without blood being shed believe me but I will not stand idle while my bratri get abducted. We learned the hard way that our groups can't work together, now it is on them if they want to fight or not. We will not be the ones starting a conflict in the coming days but if we are attacked again we won't turn the other cheek.

*He pauses.*

We have far greater plans than fighting our fellow countrymen. Come to Zelenogorsk if you are willing to bless my bratri for the battles to come, we need god on our side when we fight evil.

*Pyotr ends the transmission before he would look down from his room, watching his brothers burn Communist flags, books, and insignia.* 

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*Vania picks up his radio and pushes the PTT*

"Kozlov, you have 3 days and only 3 days, the trail goes ahead on Monday, if you do not turn up, that is a sign of you intent, you have 3 days before I come looking for him myself even in the state I am in, 3 fucking days Kozlov's that is it"

*Vania would look towards his brothers in anger and disgust*

"We will contact you with time and place, untill then we will not take arms against you, we would suggest you do the same"

*Vania would drop the radio and lay back down and carry on recovering*

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*Benedikt picks up the radio and presses the PTT Button*

If you want this trial to go ahead, we'll discuss times. 

Monday will not work, we are busy people and won't change our plans just because of some trial.

We'll have talks with one of your people. Hopefully a higher up... A time and date that suits both parties


I've been told that you've seen my people today and everything was fine yet you're acting incredibly unprofessional...

I'm assuming you're the one that got shot ano? I get it... You're angry. Don't let your anger ruin relations between the factions, I know things are on thin ice at the moment and they will be until this situation is over. We both know neither of us will take any shit from eachother, so let's both not ignite the fuse.

Until then, goodbye.

*The radio would fall silent*


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*Patrik picks up his radio and presses down the PTT button*

Thanks for telling us the demands...Although we have to discuss it between us, to see if monday will be possible.

We'll be in touch.

*He pauses*

How do i turn this off?

*The radio signal would then turn to silence*

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