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Guest N8Allan

The last stand

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Guest N8Allan

I am currently boarded up in a small apartment inside a town. i can hear the ocean and smell the cool icy water. They are coming for me, up the stairs, fifty or sixty, all coming for me. My friend was dragged outside of the shelter about five minutes ago. It's only me. God and peace, it's only me. I just want the world to know that this is my last thoughts, my last remains for my body will soon be nothing but bone and clothes. If you find this. You are probably wondering why this is outside, in an alley way. Is because sometimes... when given a choice... we must choose the lesser evil. Jump... or be eaten alive. To whom finds this. Please look for my daughter. I fear two days without food and water is deadly as an eight year old but there is still hope. She is located south of Lopatino, on a farm. When you find her. Let your first words be to her, little lamb little lamb, i am here to guide your way little lamb little lamb, i am here to stay. She loved that book. She will know you knew me... or at least... knew of my existence.

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