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Michael Peterson

Fail time

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In this post, you can put every fail you ever done/saw. I'll begin.

Today with Pete, we we're walking from airfield to krasno. On a way we went to guglovo. In a way there, we didn't had any problems... As we walked to gulgovo, quickly checked the barrack, we heard a car. We ran 10 meters away and hided under some tree. The car has stopped (we realized that it was betty van), and started to loot the barrack. As we were staying hidden for a long time, we we're using our radios to talk about the plan (distance was far, they were sitting in a car, when we we're talking about that plan, so it was sticked in RP). Me and Pete, are really friendly guys, till we ain't stuck. We couldn't move to don't get spotted by guys from betty van (We didn't knew them, so automatically they has became "bandits" for us. Some kind of protection, to stay alive longer.), so I came out with idea, to just try to rob them. I mean, I don't like doing this, but in this place, it was only option to do. And here we start with fail. After 15 minutes of lying on ground, to don't agro zombies, I WROTE to them, to put their guns into car, and get out of it. I gave them 10 sec. As I went to their car with ak, and Pete with M4, they started to talk, what has made zombie agro on them. (Here is an question. THey told us to get ride of those zombies firstly, cause they can't get out of the car, but THEY agroed those zombies. So I dunno, if I was allowed to shoot...) Pete got bitten by zombies, and then lot of things has happened. I heard 2 voices behind me, and one was someone who I knew. (Saint. If you are reading this - I hate you ;_;!) I realized who it was, and started to communicate. His legs got broken, I started to shoot at zombies, betty van has started to move, then one of them jumped out of van, shot me and Pete (he survived), and the end for me. I was almost sure, that I'll have that kind of luck.

Second story (I was getting robbed)

CCF. Like always... CCF... I was repairing a hummve for 2 hours. I was looting cherno for 1,5 hour, then I went to Elektro. As I was there, I found a wheel (needed one more), and met some guy. (Ohaio Max Greene :D) He had the last wheel, so we grouped up and started moving to Cherno. Then as we were walking forward, someone told us to get on the ground. His voice was like "och you know... if you can get on the ground... and you know... just drop your stuff..." So we kinda ignored him. We were moving forward, and at some barn, he told us to drop the guns and all stuff. So we did. He only wanted my wheel so far. As he was telling us with the same voice to go away, he got attacked by zombies. Me and Max were looking at him, and laughing. It looked like this "-Max, it would be funny if that guy would get eaten while trying to rob us! - Guy got bitten once more - Hell yeah Michael! - - He's funny. Like worst robber ever! Srsly! We're making fun of him, and he don't care! -" And at the end we just went back to cherno, found a last wheel, repaired hummve, picked some guys up, got KoS by those friends guys (CCF ^_^ Guy who robbed us was CCF too). Aaand that's all. Anyone else made/saw that big fail? :D

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