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Big Blue

Can you get back to your loot if killed by zombies?

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No, you cannot return to your body under any circumstance. What you’re asking is against our rules. Any player found returning to their death location before the the hour timer is up will be punished.

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Oh thanks.. thought it was only in RP circumstances for some reason .. 

Do you know how often loot respawns in the server ? Seems like it doesnt for a while..

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@Big Blue Loot is quite persistent it stays after restarts and I have returned to a location after an hour the same loot is there. I think its based on if the building has no loot and the amount of loot on the server like if a certain amount of people have m4s they will stop spawning and so on.

Not entirely too sure might be horribly wrong XD

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- user has been cautioned for this post -

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