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[Open Frequency] De Profundis.

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*the old priest sits on a stone bench besides a grand church, with gilded domes reflecting the glory of the rising sun for all to see. He draws from his pipe without much enthusiasm, lost in thought; for a moment he forgets about the world, about the righteous and the wicked, about his aching back and the faint snarl of the undead wandering in the neighbouring down the hill. He has finally arrived to his destination, the place he once called home all those months ago, but has found nothing but dust on the altar, and benches thrown around with the utmost irreverence. The old man may have looked peaceful at first glance, with his wrinkles, his weather-beaten face and his steel-blue eyes, but deep down he is afraid, afraid that all that is left of his sons is below him, foul beasts in ragged clothes, clawing at the fences he has taken to erect after his return. He shakes his head, although he has many flaws, giving up is not one of them; he slowly rubs his hands in an attempt to fight the cold, cleans out his pipe and clears his throat before snatching the radio from his belt and turning it on*

-his voice is calm and measured, severe-

"Greetings, it's the Preacher. As winter sets in both the land and the heart of Men alike, I have returned. It has been months since I last broadcasted anything and to whomever may have sought my guidance during that time, even though it is unlikely, I am truly sorry for letting you down, I have been stuck in the North for quite some times. *he laughs softly* I don't know if any of my sons are still out there but heed my call and remember the oaths you've taken. Our Lord has summoned his servants once more, and he expects a swift answer."

*he flips through his notes, looking for the message he had sent when he first arrived in the country, he smiles as he reads his own writings, amazed by the naivete of his former self. He quickly strikes a few things here and there, but keeps the core message untouched. He gives it one last glance before putting the radio to his mouth again*

-his voice is now gentler, smoother-

"For those out there that do not know me, I am a priest of the Catholic Church and have been sent here by the Holy See to provide support to the population, back when it all started. Rest assured that I am neither a missionary nor an invader, I just want to help where I can. I know the laws of Men do not apply any more and I am no fool, but I believe that we can still be redeemed if we live by the laws of the Lord. In any case, should you require assistance, have some sins you wish cleansed or stories you wish heard, I will come to you. I'll end this transmission with a prayer, feel free to join in, may it warm your soul during the cold nights. Stay safe out there, God is with you."

*he takes a moment to blow on his numb fingers, he swears under his breath and adds 'gloves' to an already long-list of much needed supplies; he clears his throat and resumes*

-his tone is deeper, focused-

"In the midst of Winter,
when the days are cold and wind can pierce remind us of the warmth of your love.
In the midst of Winter,
when days are short, dawn comes late, and dusk arrives early,
remind us that in the darkness your light still shines.
In the midst of Winter,
when the flowers of spring still lie hidden in the earth,
when leaves are off the trees, and the world can seem bleak,
remind us that Easter is but a short time away.
And when in our lives we feel as if we are experiencing a season of winter,
reach out to us with the power of your resurrection,
so that we may feel the warmth of your love,
and see your light that alone can take away the darkness of our soul."

*the broadcast ends*

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*John picks up his pack, and begins heading back towards the Hall of the Brave in Novaya. John hears the broadcast, thinking to himself how the priest reminded him of simpler times, hoping he could get the priest to do a sermon at the church or somewhere near. He takes the radio out of his vest and hits the PTT*

"Good evening, this is John Moody, leader of the Saviors. And we would be honored if you could come by and give a sermon to those living with us."

"Hopefully you won't mind if we do confessions because there are a lot of us that want to get some stuff off our chest."

"Anyways have a wonderful day and please contact us if you would like to take up our offer! God bless you and your cause."

*John releases the PTT and continues his journey back home to his brothers in arms*

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Artemis stops barricading the front door as he hears a familiar voice on the radio. He quickly turns the volume up and is awash with contradicting emotions. Pressing the button he begins to speak:

*clearing his throat, measured words*

"Father, this is Artemis. 
I have not forgotten my mission...

*venomous voice*

...I have worked tiresly these past few months. I need to have words with you. I'm on my way.

*warmer tone*

I am glad that you are alive. Artemis out.


Gathering his gear, he tears down his own barricades, the sound drawing zombies from all around the house. Cocking his shotgun, he jumps out blasting, determined to get back home and deal with this.

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*Doc would hold down the PTT button.*

”Be careful about who you trust out there Father, not many good folks around these days. And watch out for that Moody guy. I heard he murders babies and is a devil worshipper..”

*He release the PTT button.*

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Posted (edited)

*the old priest proudly stands atop a radio tower, exhausted, sick, weary but hopeful nonetheless. He gazes at the vast expanses of snowy woods below, the cold wind bringing tears to his eye. He sits down, his feet dangling over the meshed floor and takes out his radio, closes his eye and rests his head against a now long dead part of the tower equipment.*

-his voice is strained, sore-

"Greetings, it's the Preacher. *he sighs* My son ... if you are out there, come find me, it has been too long and I need you by my side, now more than ever. You may not have heard the previous broadcasts, you may chosen to ignore them but I refuse to believe you are dead. I would know. I will keep on looking for you while I attend to my duties; hide all you want, but you know who I am, and what I do. *he's taken by a sudden coughing fit, forcing him to cut the transmission for a minute while he recovers* For the survivors out there, the warriors, for whoever is listening, I am here for you; I have heard many of your stories and absolved many of your sins already but work remains to be done. Seek me out and I will lift that weight off your shoulders and that burden off your soul. You can still be redeemed, you can still be saved. Stay safe out there, God is with you."

*he takes a long swig from his canteen, trying to soothe the raging fire in his lungs and throat, to little avail. He pulls out a small prayer book from a hidden pouch behind his belt, opens it up at random and then starts reading with great fervour*

"Father God, open my eyes to see the ways I’m like Cain.
What conflicts am I allowing to brew in my family?
What anger is bubbling into murderous rage?
Thank You for the clarity to see how hatred has taken hold.
I choose instead the way of love.
Love protects.
Help me to protect those I love by loving them.
Your way is always best.
I pray in Jesus’ Name,

*the broadcast ends*


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