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Guest Twixx

Jake Rockport's background

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Guest Twixx

Jake Rockport, a sixteen and half years old teen, he was just sitting in his schoolbus, crossing the border of Chernarus with the rest of his class when the outbreak began. He and his classmates were on a trip to Chernarus, to see it's nature, biggest cities, etc. Jake never thought this boring trip would turn into the worst time of his life.

Few kilometers after the border, the bus suddenly had to stop due to a endless line of vehicles just standing on the road. Jake had a bad feeling about what's happening. They waited for approximately 15 minutes but the line didn't even move. The bus driver went out of the bus and approached the car infront to ask what's going on.

Few seconds later, the whole bus was screaming an panicking as they watched the bus driver being attacked by a zombie-alike creature from the car. The teacher screamed for everyone to stay calm and get out of the bus. Whole class scattered around, running in random directions as more and more of The Infected showed up.

Jake had no choice but to run for the woods, whilst looking at his best friend Eddy run in other direction. This is where his story begins...

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