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Story of a prisoner

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So this is my story(or atleast what im planning on using as a story to get whitelisted), english isn't my native language therefore there may be a few errors!

I should update, and i may even do a daily or weekly journal if i get some good feedback!

Constructive comments please :)



I couldn't feel anything anymore. Rain was falling on the small boat's ceiling, waves were getting bigger and stronger, and it's hull couldn't really take more suffering from the unforgiving sea.

That's when a bigger wave raised and hitted the boat on its side, throwing it against a few rocks.

Inside, a big crack had been opened on the floor, water was pouring in from it, and everyone who was next to me was either screaming from injuries, panicking from having been thrown around its little deck, or just weren't there anymore.

I only caught a glimpse of another huge wave about to hit the almost wrecked boat, and suddenly everything went black.

a few weeks earlier

Neal had just been transferred to a higher security prison, he had been moving from jail to jail since he was caught robbing a bank with two friends.

The global economic crisis made him lose his job, his old home, and he was forced to steal and to learn how to hunt just to keep food on the table for his family.

As taxes keeped rising, with less and less money on his pocket, and after beeing threatened to lose the small rented house he, his younger brother and his sick mother lived in, he became desperate and decided to rob a local bank.

On the day of the robbery, everything was going fine. He and a friend were going to be dropped in front of the bank, with their face covered and with small firearms. After entering and closing the windows and doors, one of them would guard the people that were inside, as the other would go into the safe to pick up the money. When they were almost ready and about to go, his friend noticed a man hidden under a table, talking to the police in his phone. His friend, without knowing what to do and listening to police cars approaching the bank raised his firearm and shot the hostage, leaving him on the ground, screaming for help, and with blood pouring out of the bullet hole. In shock, Neal grabbed his friend and pulled him outside, where the other friend was waiting on the escape vehicle. That's when police cars appeared down the street. The one in the escape car tried to flee, but the police opened fire as he was accelerating. The other friend immediatly started firing against the police, but soon got shot. Without anything else to do, and completly sorrounded, Neal trowed his weapon and surrendered.

His friends were dead because of him, he was far from his family, without any way to get them money or food and he was gonna be charged for armed robbery, and for attempt of murder, as in the video camera's of the bank it seemed as it was he who shot the hostage.

He's life was preety much over.

Since most jails were full in his home country, due to the big number of desperate people, that like him, had done something very bad, he was transferred to a high security prison in Russia, near Chernogorsk.

After a few weeks of captivity, Neal was considering killing himself, as he couldn't stand thinking about what happened because of him, or because he left alone his brother and mother that relied so much on him for so many things..

One day Neal woke up to the sound of people screaming. Through the cell's window he could see smoke far in the city, and people laying dead in the prison yard. Suddenly, right outside his cell, a guard is shot by a prisioner, leaving the body lying a few inches away. Neal reached the guards key, opened the cell door and ran.

As he passed by the prison's corridors, chaos was visible everywhere: prisioners were fighting guards, people were lying in the floor with their entrails showing, and some civilian dressed people, with blood on their mouth and hands were running after some guards and civilians.

When Neal made it through that gory hell hole, he started running and never stopped untill he reached seashore. Breathless and exhausted, he sat down and fell asleep.

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