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Guest Jontzz

My story [RAW]

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Guest Jontzz

I woke up it was 07.00 AM i ate breakfast and brushed my teeths. I turned on the TV. Suddenly a message came up on the screen saying that this was a Worldwide broadcast about a virus that made you feel bloodthirsty. They warned everyone and told them to stay inside I had a bad feeling about this thing and I shaked my brother so he waked up just a few seconds after that i heard some moaning noises from the door and i thought it could be one of those bloodthirsty persons so I took the .44 I had in my locker then me and my brother ran out the backdoor I also grabbed some food before we ran which was pretty cleaver. We had made up an idea for survival so we ran towards the nuclear power plant there we found some other people that also made the same decision we found some weapons in there and also some whole body covering suits which we thought was suitable for that moment. We decided to head towards the mall for a long lasting shelter we covered it up with wooden planks and other stuffs we found. Weeks passed and everything just went on fine but then one day when some of the people came back from a hunt one of them were bitten. He turned fast and then just after a couple of minutes there were a couple of them after 2 hours me and my brother were outnumbered and we decided to hide in a locker. I think i passed out in there couse when i woke up there were walkers all over the place and i didn't see my brother anywhere.

Just RAW need some fast reviews ;)

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