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What would I say?

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Say I was talking to someone, then I got kicked for ping.

I logged back into the server and found that person again.

I literally vanished into thin-air in front of them, what would I say?

It just happened then, but I have no idea what to say if I log back in and find him.

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Say OOC that you disconnected and continue RP as usual.

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Guest Lippo

Just say you stumbled over a stone and it knocked you out. But you woke and you are fine now.

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I have alot of issues with my connection. It has to do with my current isp. Anyways, if i would ever have this happend to me while in a bad situation where i am threatened, i would propably offer my items to the person, since from their point of view i may just as well have been logging out of a bad situation.

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